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Philip Gray

Landscape Artist

Kyle McKinstry

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Philip Gray

Origins Philip Gray Philip Gray was born in Cork, (The second largest city in Ireland) until he turned six when his parents Albert and Wendy decided to move to Dublin.

At the tender age 5, Gray was fortunate enough to have parents who knew Trevor Scott.
Scott was the founder of the renowned College of Art and Design in Dun Laoghaire Company in Dublin.
It was off Scott of whom he had mild tutoring in figurative drawing.

When Gray was at the age of 16 he inlisted in the Navy of Ireland. Where his creativity was given “a new purpose and a sense of destiny”
Once Gray had established himself as a naval diver, Gray began to paint.

FRAMES Structural Frame Most of Gray's artworks consist of heavy layers on the waves to display a thick and realistic effect.
Gray also incorporates many layers on his skies also. This gives the effect of multiple, depth filled clouds.
The two styles compliment each other, making the atmosphere of the artwork emotive.

This sructural consistancy is shown heavily in Gray's artwork
"Symphony Of The Sea", with its dynamic waves and layered sky.
(Shown Below) Cultural Frame Grays artworks are heavily influenced from his homeland of
Ireland and his time as a Naval officer, the years of which
his passion for the sea intensified.
This is shown through most of his artworks as they are demonstrating his perception of the coastlines of Ireland along the Atlantic ocean in his own contemporary way.
Examples of his cultural influence are shown through paintings such as "Sounds of Erin" (Shown Below)
Displaying a beautiful Irish countryside.
Conceptual Framework
Gray uses traditionally styled Oil Paintings, but uses these mediums to convey the heavy bond he has
with the ocean and coasts of Ireland. His paintings comment on his perception of these subjects and there own personal significance to him.

Philip Gray stated:

"I interpret the surface of the ocean as the external of ourselves
and the depths represent our inner being."

This ideaology is shown in his paintings such as "The Moment" (Shown Left)
and "Crest of a Wave" (Shown Right)
Subjective Frame By Kyle McKinstry As we can see from the video.
Philip gray is challenging his traditonal style of art and taking it to "Extreme art".
Continuing to use the same oil paint medium, but taking his art work to the unknown.
Breaking the tradition and forming new art forms, expanding the interpretation of the audience.
Gray conveys his emotions and imagination through his
artworks by the waves and/or the skies in his paintings.
In Gray's Artworks Born Free (1), Majestic Heights(2),
and Odyssey(3).We can see that Gray uses the skies and appearance of the waves
to provoke emotion in the viewer. Odyssey offers thrashing waves, clashing colours between the waves and dark areas to convey Grays emotions at the time, perhaps anger due to the crashing waves and deep red sky.
As we can see 'Born Free', 'Majestic Heights' and 'Odyssey' all have very different coloured skies, confirming Grays use of emotive skies.
Inspirations and Similarities. Gray's style has similarities with many artists, as well as providing and gaining inspiration.
He uses powerful skies similar to that in Matthew Draper's
artwork "Enclosing Weather, Bass Rock' (on the left)
He also incorporates similar thick textured waves and cliff sides as those
seen on Karen Winter's painting "Dana Point Headlands"(shown right)

My One Artwork. My one artwork would have to be Symphony of the sea. It perfectly displays Philip Grays style and really
makes me feel the emotion of the artwork. It captures the power of the ocean as well as the beauty. What I've Learnt I've learnt that to be a succesful artist it is not just enough to
replicate or create a beautiful piece.
That it requires meaning, heart and emotion.
And that there must be something behind the beauty,
a story or feeling tied to it for it to really inspire and mesmerize people.
Why I Chose This ICT Format Thank You ^_^
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