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Stephen King: Survivor Type

No description

jacob oakley

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Stephen King: Survivor Type

By Jacob Oakley
Survivor Type
Plot Diagram
Richard Pine writes that he is a surgeon who smuggled 2 kilos of heroin through a cruise.
Richard writes that he will destroy the diary when he is found.
He is forced to eat gulls after days of no food.
After trying to catch a planes attention he hurts his foot and has to amputate.
Richard takes heroin to numb down the pain of the amputation, and also eats his amputated foot to prevent starvation.
Richard then amputates his other foot and both legs to feed himself.
Rising Action
Richard goes insane and decides to eat his hand and earlobes.
The writer reveals that their name is Richard Pine and they are stranded on a small island 190 by 267 paces
He has plenty of matches and heroin but no food.
Because the diary was not destroyed, we have to assume Richard Pine had died on the island.
Richard Pine
Richard Pine is the Protagonist. He is a round and a dynamic character because he changes significantly and he has a lot of depth. He is a surgeon who is stranded on a small, deserted island with no food. Before being stranded, he was smuggling 2 kilos of pure heroin, but his cruise ship capsized. He will do anything to survive until someone rescues him.

This Story is a survival story because he is stranded on an Island trying to survive, as well as it is a story that illustrates how one can become insane with untreated, high amounts of shock trauma. Pine's last journal entry shows he has become insane with "Who cares, this hand or that. good food good meat good God let's eat."
Subject and Theme
The theme of this story is "How much shock-trauma can the patient stand?" It is connected to to the subject because him surviving the cruise ship capsizing and his injuries caused a lot of shock trauma that was untreated. And later on in the story, it is revealed that he has become insane. This is because of his large amount of shock trauma.
External: Pine is struggling to survive, Pine most likely dies.
Internal: Pine has to decide weather he is going to eat him self to survive. Pine eats himself to survive if help comes.
Lit Terms
Being stranded on an island is an an archetype because being stranded on an island has been done man times in literature.
An allusion in this story is when he refers back to his father doubted him becoming a surgeon
the gull that Pine kills is a flat character because depth.
Pine's father is a static character because he doesn't change.
the dramatic irony in this story is that we know Pine will die because the diary is not destroyed.
The situational irony in this story is that he eats his foot to survive, that was not expected.
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