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Creighton Family Tree - Across Five Aprils

No description

Rosalie Fussell

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Creighton Family Tree - Across Five Aprils

Matthew Creighton, husband to Ellen, is humble and brave.
Matthew Creighton
Creighton Family Tree
Jethro Creighton is a thin, brown boy with freckles at the age of 9. He is a smart student and is positive. He is helpful and is favored by his mother.
Ellen Creighton
Ellen Creighton is a small spare woman with dark eyes and brown dry skin. She is the mother of many and is humble, tender, kind, and loving.
John Creighton

John, the eldest of the children, is a dark slender man who is wise and mature.
Bill Creighton
Bill Creighton is peculiar but smart, strong, and hard working. He is a big, young man.
Tom Creighton
Eb Carron
Mary Creighton
Jenny Creighton
Jenny Creighton is 14 years of age and has shining black hair. She is cheerful and positive.
Jethro Creighton
Nancy Creighton
Nancy Creighton, the wife of John, is thin and very reserved. She is quiet and shy.
Shadrach Yale
Shadrach Yale is a tall strong man at 20 years old. He is a smart, serious, and studious school teacher.
(Matthew's nephew)
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