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Fahrenheit 451

No description

Jonathan Hall

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451

About the Book
Fahrenheit 451, a book by Ray Bradbury, is about a firefighter who's job wasn't to put out fires but to start them to destroy literature. Everybody is stuck living in a dystopia, a place where everything is unpleasant or bad.
Mildred Montag
Mildred is Guy's sick wife who stays at home all the time. She constantly is watching TV or talking with her friends. Her and Guy don't have the best relationship and Guy ends up leaving her behind.
Captain Beatty
The Captain of Montag's fire department. He hates books and loves to burn them which makes him a good chief of the fire department. Montag and him don't get along very well because Montag grows an interest in books throughout the story and Captain hates them.
Faber is a retired professor who Montag comes to for advice and books. Faber still has some books from his past times and is very wise with the society today.
Guy Montag
A firefighter for the department Fahrenheit 451 who is supposed to burn books. Throughout the book he starts to question his job and begins to show interest in the books he is burning. He is kind of lonely in the book and is desperate for friendship.
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