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F. Scott Fitzgerald

No description

Peyton Manning

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of F. Scott Fitzgerald

most known work
Fitzgerald has many fine pieces of work, but without a doubt his best is The Great Gatsby, which hit the theaters in 2013.
Early life
F. Scott Fitzgerald came from a rather wealthy family in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
He was named after his famous second cousin.
Start of career
After graduating from Newman School in 1913, Fitzgerald decided to stay in New Jersey to continue his artistic development and Princeton University.
His Legacy
Fitzgerald's work has inspired writes all over the world. The Great Gatsby motivated T. S. to write a letter to Fitzgerald. " It seems to me to be the first step that american fiction has taken since Henry James". Fitzgerald is a 2009 inductee of the New Jersey Hall of Fame.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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