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Luca Bares

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Abortion

Pro-Life Absolute Rights of Women Problems with Anti-Abortion Arguments Against Abortion Dangers of Abortion to Mother's Life Resolution Pro- Choice Abortion Abortion in History In colonial times an abortion in the 1st or 2nd trimester was at worst a misdemeanor Before 1800 there were no laws on abortion By 1900 it was banned in every state Due to agrarian society transitioning to urban environment and lowering birth rates Also due to newly formed AMA (American Medical Association) trying to enhance status By 1960’s groups were looking to overturn abortion laws, which were later embodied in Roe vs. Wade After Roe v Wade (1973) most individual state laws banning abortions were ruled unconstitutional Also allowed viability to be tested after 20 weeks, essentially nullifying trimester restrictions In 1989 in Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services the supreme court rules states had control over public funds going to abortions In 1992 in Planned Parenthood Vs. Casey the case upheld woman’s right to choice Ruled against having to get husbands permission for abortion “Gag” rule implemented, which said no staff member (excluding physicians) could consul a woman on whether or not to have an abortion
Viability requirement affected late abortions Legal changes affected different types of women 1989 changes affected lower income women since public funds were restricted Value of Life Principle of Individual Freedom When life begins

At what point is this life to be protected at the same extent of people who have been born Other Issues The Genetic View A person’s genetic makeup is established at conception Fact: “By the end of the 4th week, its heart begins to beat” The establishment process initiates the “programming” and the creation of a unique individual The Right to Life is Absolute The unborn and innocent life (is regarded as human) has the same rights as a born individual The absolute right to life overrides all other rights that might come into conflict It should not suffer any consequences because it is an innocent life. Domino Argument By approving the disregard to unborn human life by abortion we imbue the increase in disregard for human life at all aspects. Because the unborn child is not visible, abortion is not regarded as blatant murder The human life is easier to disregard Hitler’s historical atrocities began with legalizing abortion Primary Argument? Abortion is medically and psychologically harmful to women: in regards to her well-being, life and future pro creativity. Medical Dangers Unnatural risk imposed, and increased chances of having miscarriages in future Psychological Dangers Saline Abortion: Hysterotomy: Self-Induced Abortion: The primary argument to legalize abortion. After 12th week, needle inserted into amniotic sac; high risk from lack of supervision and psyche problems An incision is made into the abdominal wall and conceptus is removed; typical surgery risks. Done without proper medical supervision, and usually results in infection, death, or hemorrhaging. Living with the guilt of authorizing “the killing of her baby” Alternatives Against Abortion Medical advancements of today combat most dangers of pregnancy, few exceptions Welfare, Medicaid and private charities give assistance to women in need Relative Safety of Pregnancy Today Irrelevance of
Economic Conditions: Financial problems cannot be taken into consideration with an innocent human life. Must be responsible regardless of how the pregnancy occurred Responsibility for Sexual Activities: Cannot sacrifice an innocent human life due to carelessness, indiscretion or the failure of a contraceptive device. Rape and Incest: Pregnancy should proceed because the killing of an unborn life is unjustifiable Crime being reportedly timely makes contraceptives available to avoid pregnancy Religious Persecution Sister Margaret McBride senior administrator of (catholic) St. Joseph’s Hospital automatically excommunicated in 2010 by Roman Catholic bishop because she assented to an abortion Pregnant mother of 4 children, in her 11th week Ethics committee of the hospital consulted about the matter Punished and humiliated by the automatic excommunication Should Sister Margaret McBride have been punished for this? Is what she did morally wrong? A form of birth control It is part of her body Males do not understand Sacrifice on life’s plans Unwanted / Deformed Children Burden for society Safety of Abortion Increased Technology
Safer than giving birth
Long term effects
Raising Different motives Refutation of Domino Effect Abortion > Life Quality of Institutions Adoption is not perfect Simply giving choice Laws for killing Beginning of Human Life Not completely human until born
No absolute right to life Should be terminated early
Not always Reasons Abortion Should be a Viable Alternative Danger of Pregnancy
Mother’s life > Unborn life Rape and Incest
Repeated torment
May be rare, but possible
Interview with Carin Responsibility for Sexual Actions
Still have to make decisions
Male / Female discrimination Women’s Choice
Private issue, private decision There can be moderate positions about abortion, not just the extremes Believed that there are no absolute human rights, just strong ones Some Reasons for Moderate Position Rape or incest scenarios Psychological reasons Overpopulation Deformities Risk of passing deficiencies No absolute rights over one’s body Pregnant woman’s body now has another life in it

Absolute individual rights to do whatever that woman wants to her body go out the window because she is carrying another life with her

Therefore, the pregnant woman does not have absolute rights over her own body but neither does the conceptus have an absolute right to life The pro-choice position draws the line too late The Problem of when life begins The pro-life position draws the line too early Moderates tend to lean towards the developmental view of when life begins, states that life does begin at conception but gains more value as it develops through the gestation period Case 1, Dilemma of teenage abortion Janice(15), Bob(16) Janice is two months pregnant
Janice’s mother is Roman catholic no abortion but she also doesen’t wanna help raise child (adoption option)
Janice father agnostic, have abortion go to law school
Bob wants an abortion, pay all bills for it
Priest tells Janice its moral sin to abort
Goes to abortion clinic to discuss procedure and cost
What does Janice do? Case 2, Middle-Aged Couple Mary has 3 children, couple has trouble financially because 1 child is in college and they just bought new house
Discovers pregnancy one month in, couple does not want another child, also chance that b.c shes older the child could have Down’s
Decide to have abortion, are they right?
Should she have waited until 4th month to see if the child would have had downs? If the baby does what do they do? Case 3, tay-sachs couple Leo(25), Rachel (23) are tay-sachs carries after rachel is pregnant, doc tells them the child has ¼ chance of tay-sachs (fatal disease)
Results of test come in after 5th month of pregnancy, the child will have Tay-Sachs
What should they do? Case 4, Young Couple whose fetus has down’s Lupe and Robert, Lupe has problems in early stages
Result of amniocentesis come in during 5th month, child will have downs (results don’t show how severe the mental retardation will be)
They want children but don’t want to raise a mentally retarded child (they think they are young enough to try again)
What do they do Case 5, middle aged couple have abortion because of sex of fetus Have 3 daughters, get pregnant, want a boy
Amniocentesis to see if fetus will have downs
But child will be girl

Don’t want girl, have abortion
Did she do the right thing? Case 6, multiple births Woman discovers she is having twins, aborted one because that’s all she could afford
Woman with 4-6 fetus has half aborted b.c she didn’t want them/ couldn’t afford them
Are these requests more or immoral Oh...and one more thing.... Thank you for your attention!
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