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Cross cultural communication: Fnland vs Spain

No description

Marta Martínez García

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Cross cultural communication: Fnland vs Spain

Hofstede Analysis
Formal vs Informal
"Great Divide"
Finish Negotiator
Business Protocol
Social Etiquette
Negotiating Behavior
High vs Low context
Time & Scheduling
Non-verbal behavior
Spain vs Finland
Spanish Negotiator
Moderately expressive
Regional differences
Language of business and focus
Right personal contact is important
Expressive vs Reserved cultures
Cross Cultural Communication

Punto FA, S.L (Mango)
- Founded in Barcelona (1984)
- Design, manufacture and sell clothes and complements for both men and women.
- 2,415 stores in 107 countries
- Important franchise system
1. Hofstede Analysis
2. Characteristics of cultures
3. Finnish Negotiatior
4. Spanish Negotiator
5. Role Play

Why did not they reach any agreement?
Which are their impressions and opinions?
- She was late!!
- She tried to kiss me!
- She couldn't provide with accurate information
- she couldn't be quiet and interrupted me all the time
- She was reserved/ cold and quiet
- She wanted to keep a lot of distance between us
- She did not participate in the conversation and come up with ideas
- I cannot read her mind!!!
- She was really rude! She refused reaching an agreement: she said NO!!!
Miss Unnasjärvi arrives to the meeting
The meeting should start...
Miss Martinez finally appears..
Role Play
Tarja as a
Finnish possible franchisee
Marta as the MANGO's responsible for franchises
The meeting takes place at 9:00 am
Thank you for your attention!
We hope you enjoyed it!
Marta Martinez Garcia

Tarja Unnasjärvi
Books and Journals
- Hofstede, Geert & Hofstede, Gert Jan (2005): Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind, McGraw-Hill, New York
- Richard R. Gesteland (2005): Cross-Cultural Business Behavior, Negotiating, Selling, Sourcing and Managing Across Cultures, 4ed., Copenhagen Business School Press
- Hofstede, Geert (2001): Culture’s Consequences: comparing values, behaviors, institutions, and Organizations across Nations, 2ed., Sage Publications
- Mead, Richard (2005): International Management: Cross-Cultural Dimensions, 3ed., Blackwell Publishing

- http://shop.mango.com/FI/mango
- http://www.grantthornton.ie/db/Attachments/IBR2013_WiB_report_final.pdf
- http://europa.eu/about-eu/countries/member-countries/spain/index_en.htm
- http://europa.eu/about-eu/countries/member-countries/finland/index_en.htm

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