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What is Air Cadets?

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Robert Filmer

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of What is Air Cadets?

What is Air Cadets?


Where is our local squadron?

893 Beaufort Squadron has been serving the community for over 30 years! Each squadron trains one night per week which is called a "parade night" and it is to undertake the local training program. The four-year program provides cadets instruction in citizenship, leadership, survival training, instructional techniques, drill and ceremonial and the basics of aviation and aeronautics. In the fifth and subsequent years, cadets may be assigned to instruct these classes to the younger cadets. The local training begins in September and continues until June.
Local Training
Courses offered at Air Cadet summer camps include training in
leadership, flying, fitness and sports, survival, military band, pipe band, aerospace, aviation technology, and marksmanship.
The courses offered include: basic, advanced, and national summer training courses.
2 week, 3 week, 6 week. But... You get paid!
Summer Training
Throughout the spring and fall approximately 22,000 air cadets participate in familiarization gliding at regional gliding center located across the country.
Each summer, 320 cadets earn a Transport Canada Glider Pilot License through the Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship and 250 more earn a Private Pilot license. If you were to get your pilot license on your own you would be paying $10-15,000 but through the cadet program, IT'S FREE!
Uniforms are provided at no charge.
Cadets are responsible for care, cleaning and custody of the issued kit and also to return it when ceasing to be a cadet. The uniform includes:

Cadets in uniform shall be well groomed
with footwear cleaned and shone. Their uniform shall be clean and properly pressed at all times.
There are eight different ranks in the air cadet program.
Cadets must complete one year of training before being promoted to a higher rank.
The ranks are:
AC- Air Cadet
LAC- Leading Air Cadet
Cpl- Corporal
FCpl- Flight Corporal
Sgt- Sergeant
FSgt- Flight Sergeant
WO2- Warrant Officer 2nd class
WO1- Warrant Officer 1st class
Ranks & Levels
Cadets get medals too?
Plenty of activities! Other than the training nights we do:
Effective Speaking
Simulator Training
First Aid
Model Building
Summer Training
Community Service/Fundraising

What else is involved in Air Cadets?

Some Pictures
How do I join?

Any Questions?

Air Cadets is a Canadian national youth program for persons aged 12 to 18.
It is administered by the Canadian Forces and funded through the Department of National Defence with additional support from the civilian Air Cadet League of Canada. Together with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and Royal Canadian Army Cadets,
it forms the largest federally funded youth program in the country and the second largest in the world. Cadets are not members of the military and are not obliged to join the Canadian Forces.
The Air Cadet Organization originated in the early days of World War II when the war effort required young men to meet Canada's military obligations.
In 1940, Air Minister Power directed that a nation-wide voluntary organization be formed to sponsor and develop a select group of young men who would be trained to meet the increasing need for
operational pilots in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II.
Yes, The Canadian Cadet Movement maintains its own Honours and Awards system. Cadets may be awarded these based on criteria including bravery, citizenship, service, outstanding performance on a summer training course, and more.
Good Afternoon!
Who are we?

Why are we here?
893 Beaufort
Royal Canadian Air Cadet

Community Service
Community Service is a huge part of the cadet movement. The community service and fundraising helps
pay for transportation, flying and the local headquarters.
90% of the volunteer work for the community is with the Royal Canadian Legion helping with dinners and Remembrance Day
Every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 9:00 you are able to pop by our hangar at Qualicum Beach airport.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions!
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