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Movie - Three Meters Above Sky

No description

Elid Giovanna Murillo Mena

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Movie - Three Meters Above Sky

Three Meters Above Sky What is 3MSC? Actors & Actresses H Babi Daniela
She is the little sister of Babi. All topics that are used to describe the girls of 15 years apply for it: amorous, spends hours on the phone, is proud of her sister when she commits follies, etc. She is a good girl who lives with her parents. You have no problems with anyone, she is perfect in high school and trying to live life as calm as possible. However, Babi inside is full of dreams, desire to shine, to fall madly in love, for someone to make your world go round.Although not a rebellious girl Babi not hesitate to defend what he feels and thinks. How do you feel? Why do you feel it? Who do you feel?
It all depends on a person, the circumstances the experience ... what is certain is that they are your hands that beat, your eyes that you speak, your lips quivering and hitting your mouth. Synopsis He is a rebel is one who does not want a father for his daughter, which only knows of lawsuits and has few friends. A gross and foolish.Is that gross any girl would want. The fight for just causes, their dreams, their love. If, few friends, but they are real and would die for them. H is the perfect guy. His passions are motorcycles and fitness. Member Member Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Movie trailer Pollo
The best friend for life for Hache. At the
party in uptown meets Katina, which
are then boyfriends. Unfortunately suffer
a motorcycle accident and dies. General comments Three meters above the sky is a Spanish film starring, by Mario Casas and Maria Valverde.
Based on the novel published by the Italian Federico Moccia, the film premiered on
December 3, 2010 and became not only the biggest opening of 2010 but in the
highest grossing film of the year in Spain Introduction General description Credits Elid Giovanna Murillo Mena
11B-19 .Genre: Drama, romance
.Director: Fernado González Molina
.Music by Manel Santiesteban
.Country: Spain
.Running Time: 119 minutes
.Language: Spanish 3MSC is a feeling that
runs through your
body to 100.00 bytes
per second, causing uncontrolled
blood supply that nourishes
the heart to pump it a
mile a minute. This is 3MSC. The moment
when you feel alive. The moment
when you make the decision and
nothing will ever be the same. "Three Meters Above the Sky" is a teen romantic drama that tells the story of two young people who belong to different worlds who start a relationship.
Since a year ago Hache (Mario Casas) was involved in a violent altercation, it seems that only the company of his bike, speed and violence are able to distract him from a world he does not belong.
Babi (Maria Valverde) belongs to a world that seems to be comfortable, well positioned two parents, a strict upbringing and elitist, as well as the privileges of being a good girl seem to surround and tuck.
But what will happen if chance take long preparing the meeting of these two? Would they be able to overcome the barriers that both bring to arrive at a common point?
This is the love story of H. and Babi, the first great love story of both, they will be three meters above the sky.
Not as easy as it sounds. H. It will Babi and a first phase in fighting what they feel, playing to feel just the opposite of what really runs inside, they fight, they will challenge, will hate ... without trying to see that every step away from the other does nothing that closer.
Once you surrender to your desires will play fight their environments, the violent environment of chaotic and visceral H. fight face to face with Babi, where some protective parents try to prevent by all means see his promising daughter sucked into the world that H. offers.
Will they manage to reach the break-even point for your love last? Can they stay on the sky, preventing both worlds weigh as ballasts and pull them down?
Besides all, they get it or not, is the love story that check for life. That certainly. Katina
she is the best friend of Babi. She is clueless and irresponsible, she is a good friend and good person but gets carried astray easily. she goes out with a friend of H. Alex
He is the older brother of H, one of the few
adults in the story. It is completely opposite
to his brother, responsible, hardworking,
quiet, even shy, friendly, etc. There is something universal in the history of Hache and Babi: he is a handsome he seems insensitive to love and she is a delicate girl predisposed to live a turbulent adolescence. However, much as we've seen this story a thousand times on the screen, the truth is that it always works: it is a magnet infallible engaging in each of the generations, from the seventies with 'Saturday Night Fever' through the eighties 'Dirty Dancing' or more contemporary versions eminently paced pop as 'Romeo and Juliet'. The main ingredient is to find a charismatic hero capable of stealing the hearts of girls of the moment. Tastes have changed from John Travolta to Patrick Swayze up to Leonardo DiCaprio and finally Mario Casas. But the essence is the same: to give the girls what they want, muscles and a love story with that dream. Point of view Three meters above the sky is a very romantic movie, full of emotions and feelings. It shows us that love does not depend on social class or any stereotype of society, just a feeling that you feel and enjoy, that makes you feel alive. This film shows that when love is strong we can do anything to keep him alive. References http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0WAaSRVW_CQ/TmyyPDp6SuI/AAAAAAAADMU/vYexV_D2JM8/s1600/3-metros-sobre-el-cielo5.jpg
http://www.3msc.es/ Glossary . Lawsuit: Pleito.
.Foolish: Tonto.
.Madly: Locamente.
.Hesitate: Vacilar.
.Uptown: Zona residencial
.Engaging: Atractivo.
.Clueless: Despitado.
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