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The best of both worlds

Courtney Wenzel

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Trikleen

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TRIKLEEN NOW THE NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY CAN HAVE IT BOTH WAYS NATURAL GAS DEHYDRATION THE TRIKLEEN PORTABLE GLYCOL RECYCLING SYSTEM FROM TRIKLEEN OFFERS NOT ONLY ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BUT COST SAVINGS DURING GAS PRODUCTION, PROCESSING, TRANSMISSION AND STORAGE. NO DOWN-TIME TRIKLEEN cleans both the glycol and the dehydrator unit, combining preventative mechanical maintenance with glycol purification. It eliminates the need for conventional cleaning methods which are inefficient and ineffective at best... The TRIKLEENER absorbs all hydrocarbons from the glycol and reduces the volume of hazardous waste that requires disposal by 97% TRIKLEEN is portable. At remote field locations or urban storage areas. The benefits of the TRIKLEEN recycling system are impressive: TRIKLEEN is a genuine glycol recycler, so it saves a significant amount of money while protecting the environment. But its better then any other recycling method because it doesn't interrupt gas production or flow, thus preventing revenue loss from downtime. The system works like a kidney dialysis machine. TRIKLEEN is connected to the dehydration unit so the spent glycol is shunted through it. it completely purifies glycol NOW IS THE TIME: With TRIKLEEN you will:
REDUCE hazardous waste volume by 97%
Extend dehydration equipment life
Save half the cost of current glycol maintenance
Take advantage of a great alternative to disposal of bulk volume of spent TEG or EG GEM 30 DAY DEW POINT AND GAS TEMP. Job Comparisons - Before & After Date charts from ENCANA TRIKLEEN job PH TREND BEFORE & AFTER CHLORIDE BEFORE & AFTER SUSPENDED SOLIDS PPM
OFFICE PHONE: (403) 938-4183
CELL: (403) 861-2377
EMAIL: donfriesen@shaw.ca
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