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Theodore Boone the abduction By John Grisham

No description

Jesse Doty

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Theodore Boone the abduction By John Grisham

Theodore Boone the abduction By John Grisham
Published by Puffin Books a penguin group
by Jesse Doty

Theodore Boone- Main Character
Marcella Boone- Theo's mother
Woods Boone- Theo's father
Ike Boone- Theo's uncle
April Finnemore- best friend of Theo
May Finnemore- April's mother
Tom Finnemore- April's Father
Jack Leeper- Distant cousin of May Finnemore
Chase Whipple- Theo's other best friend
Judge- Theo's trusted pooch
Sergeant Bolick- Strattenburg Police officer
Detective Slater- Strattenburg Detective
Detective Capshaw- Strattenburg Detective
Mr. Mount- Theo's homeroom teacher

Plot- Expostion
April Finnemore aka Theodore's best friend is suddenly taken from her bed while her mother is away doing her normal but bad habits. Suspected of kidnapping her is Jack Leeper a distant cousin of May Finnemore who has gotten out of jail. April had been writing to Jack because she felt that he was lonely and needed a friend. The letters stopped as April moved on with her life. The Police of Strattenburg call in Theo for reinforcements.
April has returned to Strattenburg and the fuss about the kidnapping has died down a little bit. May and Tom Finnemore want a divorce but made a deal with Marcella Boone to go to counseling for April. May, Tom and April go to family court and figure out the custody issues. Judge St. Nick saw over this battle and granted Marcella Boone temporary custody of April while May and Tom work out their differences and try to save their marriage before they make any drastic decisions. April and Theo get closer aka kind of more than friends.
The mood is serious but just very light heart ed and funny.
The tone is thrilling in most of the book and also very humorous.
Falling Action
Theo and Ike make it to the frat party and go in to look for April. Theo finds April behind the stage. He walks over to her and asks her if she's alright. Ike finds them over by the stage and says that they need to get out of the party. They quickly rush to the back door. They stop and April refuses to leave but then Theo convinces Theo that her father is a bad man and has lied to her. They leave and get out of Chapel Hill. Theodore calls his parents and tell them that he has found April and is bringing her home. They were mad at him at first and then they were overjoyed.
Rising Action
The rising action is when Theodore, Chase Whipple and friends decide to look for April on their own. They decide that the police will keep hitting dead ends and will not be able to find April. They make posters and enlist more people. Those people start withering down to just Theo and Chase. Chase and Theo go to Ike who has information. Theo, Chase and Ike look for April and have much success.
Theodore's parents are leaving to go to their yearly convention with other lawyers such as divorce which is Mrs. Boone's specialty and Realty lawyers which is Mr. Boone's specialty. Theo must stay with Chase and Chase's sister is going to "babysit" them. The search for April continues at Ike's place and Theo does not want to go back to Chase's house. They've struck gold! They have finally located April's fathers band and in which they are playing at. Ike and Theo plan to go to a frat party in Chapel Hill and get April. Chase must cover for Theo while he is gone.
The conflict is Man vs. Man (Theo vs. authority figures) and Man vs. Himself (Theo vs. his own ideas and thoughts)
The theme of this book is, when you look hard enough you will find what you were always searching for.

The setting is in present day Strattenburg, Pennsylvania.
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