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No description

Hongge Ren

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Vocable

Need and Opportunity Mission Organic Growth = Mockups Lean Startup Roadmap Social Impact Model What's the root cause? Vision of Success - Grow your vocabulary organically Repetition +
Contextualization +
Connection Hypotheses
Vocabulary provides the most leverage for second language learning;
Growing vocabulary organically is more effective than rote memorization in isolation;
A technology-enabled solution is more efficient than traditional approach.
Formative research - MVP testing
ML Summer Program - Beta testing Hongge & Kohei Why do so many people spend so much time and still don't get it!? 300 million Chinese learning English = the entire US population;

A typical Chinese college graduate studies English for 13 years starting from Grade 3;

They might know enough grammar rules to pass exams but most can't communicate or do research in English proficiently. VOCABLE.me 13 years of study might get a Chinese student 4,500 English words on paper while... For native speakers, the estimated vocabulary size increases to "about 15,000 words by six years of age."
- Lao, J. Ph. D, 2013 More people have access to the world of opportunities offered by a second language. Missing out opportunities in life! College Competence 3 year old's vocabulary Provide learners with effective vocabulary building tools for successful mastery of a second language. + Engagement Strategies
Gamify Connect & Repeat Contextualize Search Function Define a connection:
Red = sharing the same root
Blue = used in the same context ---- a connection between unknown words a connection from a known word
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