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Lord of the Flies : Chapter 5

No description

Gabriela Ocampo

on 4 January 2016

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies : Chapter 5

Grown-ups = civilization
Piggy, Simon and Ralph believe having grown-up connections will be the answer to all their problems.
Believe grown-ups will set rules to live by
" 'If only they could get a message to us,' cried Ralph desperately. 'If only they could send us something grown-up ... a sign or something.' " (pg.102)
Simon's Place in the Jungle
Also stated in Chapter 3
Religious Symbol
"Evening was advancing towards the island; the sounds of the bright fantastic birds, the bee-sounds, even the crying of the gulls that were returning to their roots among the square rocks, were fainter." (pg.58)

" 'I wanted - to go to a place - a place I know.'" (pg. 92)

church, safe haven
Ralph's Hair
His hair becomes longer as novel progresses
Becomes annoying and continuously flicks it back
Symbol for gradual breakdown of law and order
longer hair = longer on island = less order
" Understood how much he disliked perpetually flicking the tangle hair out of his eyes ..." (pg.82)
Piggy's Death
Golding provides foreshadowing for Piggy's death in Chapter 11
" 'He can't hurt you: but if you stand out of the way he'd hurt the next thing. And that's me.' " (pg.101)
Ralph begins to lack the ability to cope with his role (leader, order, civilization) so technically he is out of the way
"His heartbeats were choking him."
Said by Simon on pg.96
"...a little wind created by his speed that breathed about his face. The wind pressed his grey shirt against his chest..."
Narrating Ralph on pg.82
"Grass was worn away on front of each trunk but grew tall and untrodden in the centre of the triangle."
Narrator describing assembly location on pg.82
"Hands were reaching for the conch in the light of the setting sun "
Ralph's point of view on pg.87
"He noticed - in this new mood of comprehension - how the folds were still like cardboard, and unpleasant."
Ralph pg. 82
"The sun had gone as if the light had been turned off."
Noticed by Piggy on pg. 90
Major Events
Lord of the Flies - Chapter 5
Presented by:
Gabriela Ocampo
Amandeep Bains
Emily Garcia
Marissa MacDougall

Character Development
Discussion Questions
Game Rules
Ralph called a "serious meeting"
The Beast
Breaking Rules

Begin to fantasize about having adult help

" 'I wish my auntie was here.' " (pg.101)
"The three boys stood in the darkness, striving unsuccessfully to convey the majesty of adult life." (pg.102)
Percival is heard crying at night as they all try going to sleep

After talk about The Beast
"Percival Wemys Madison, of the Vicarage, Harcourt St.Anthony, was living through circumstances in which the incantation of this address was powerless to help him." (pg.102)
Do you agree with Piggy, Simon or the littluns on their view of The Beast? Explain.
If you were in Ralph's position (on page 100) would you give up chief? Explain.
If instead of boys there were girls on the island how would they react differently to Percival actions when asked about The Beast?
Character Charades
1. Groups of 5 will get 5 slips of paper
2. Each slip states a character's name. Underneath are quotes and words that describe that exact character
3. Each person will grab one slip (
4. Each person will have
2 minutes
to read all their hints to their group
5. Each person gets
6. First person to guess
7. Person with most slips by the end of game
wins a prize
Jeer: make rude remarks
"He stopped, facing the strip; and remembering that first enthusiastic exploration as though it were part of a brighter childhood, he smiled jeeringly." (Pg 81)
Ludicrous: unreasonable
"But Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains." (Pg 83)
Lamentation: passionate expression of grief
"At first he was silent effigy of sorry; but then the lamentation rose out of him, loud and sustained as the conch." (Pg. 93)
Effigy: representation
"At first he was silent effigy of sorry; but then the lamentation rose out of him, loud and sustained as the conch." (Pg. 93)

-when Ralph is planning on what he will say at the meeting
-everyone is gathered around listening to what Ralph is saying and explains that the meeting is about setting things straight
-Jack stands to reach for the conch but Ralph does not hand it over, so Jack sits back down

The weak and the strong
-Ralph wishes he could think as well as Piggy
-Ralph accuses Jack of breaking the rules
-three boys wish the adults were around to help
Now a little reading from Lord of the Flies
order vs. chaos
The meeting was disturbed because of the commotion of the beast. Ralph, Simon nor Piggy could do anything to stop the primitive behaviors going on around them. Not even the conch had much of a power.
Savagery and the beast
-Ralph starts to notice that people are afraid of the beast
-Jack takes the conch and refuses that their is a beast. Piggy agrees.
-When piggy tells Ralph to blow the conch but he does not because he believes that people will not listen to him. This is where Ralph considers not being chief.
-Shown mostly by Piggy and Jack because they both refuse that their is a beast.

-When Ralph sets down the conch, Jack grabs it and tells all the children that there is no beast and that he has been around the whole island and has not seen one. So he tells them to suck it up

Jack breaks the rules. He says that he doesn't care about the rules, that he will hunt the beast and kill it. He also starts a chant on the beach.
The fact that everyone is scared of the unknown beast
When Ralph was trying to point out that they had to keep the fire going or die, and there was self-conscious giggling among the others. They were not quite serious, but Ralph was.
Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. London: Faber and Faber, 1954. Print.
Ralph is trying to establish rules and be serious but the little kids keep laughing and are not taking him seriously.
The little kids think there is a beast in the woods and Ralph says there is no beast, and this starts up and argument of whether there is a beast or not. Then somebody brings up it could possibly be a ghost. Ralph tries to keep the kids calm and less frightened but it doesn’t seem to be working.
Jack adds more trouble at the meeting. Jack tells Ralph who cares about the rules and is more concerned about hunting the beast.
Ralph is questioning whether he still wants to be a leader or not because nobody is listening and following his rules. Piggy is begging and convincing him to remain being chief.

gets more serious about his job as chief. He wants to take things more seriously and establish clear rules. He realizes he needs to be a responsible, good leader to everybody so he sets things straight. Ralph is very well spoken and confident during the meeting. He also shows more affection towards Piggy, as he sticks up for Piggy when Jack doesn’t let him speak.
starts turning against Ralph. He doesn’t care about Ralph’s rules. Jack starts caring more and more about hunting and killing the beast.
gets more scared of Jack. Piggy feels bullied and feels like if Jack was leader he’d hurt him.

” start believing there is a beast. They are getting more scared and worried. Some of them start having nightmares about the beast.
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