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All stories give disappointment to somebody important in thier lives.

Samantha Houston

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Disappointment

DIsappointment The title is called "Disappointment" because at least one person from each story disappoints their family. The people closest to you are the ones who hurt you the most. Thematic Statement In this story a slave is disappointed by his boses, he has known for forever, and a scientest when they ask for a sacred root. That the slave had used to save their son from a snake spit in the eye. no witchcraft for sale A son disappoints his father by marring a women from out of their tribe. This kind of thing has never been heard of in their tribe before and by insisting that he marry this outsider he has done the unforgivable.
Marriage Is a Private Affair In this story, the father/brother is disgraced by his son, brother, and sister's actions. His sister became a prostitute, his brother became a politician and quit going to church, and his son got a girl pregnant without being married and killed a man. www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfMR6JN2WBM cry the beloved country on the rainy river In this story a man disappoints his family and nation by running away from a war draft, because he didn't like the reason they were fighting. All stories disappoint someone inportant in their lives. By Kaitlyn Croft, Samantha Houston, and Samantha Barrow http://www.nexuslearning.net/books/elements_of_lit_course6/20th%20century/collection%2015/marriage.htmlearning.net http://www.nexuslearning.net/books/elements_of_lit_course6/20th%20century/collection%2015/nowitchcraftforsale.htm
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