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In-Text Citations

No description

Lana Reeser

on 13 September 2017

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Transcript of In-Text Citations

Purdue Online Writing Lab
MLA Format
Works Cited
Hitler became the dictator of Germany despite the fact he was born in Austria (Rosenberg "Hitler Facts).
In-Text Citations
Hands-on PRACTICE!
In-text Citation
Purdue OWL
of In-Text Citations
The drawings Hitler submitted to the Vienna Academy of Art are being auctioned (The Telegraph).
When he was a child Hitler wanted to be an artist, but the Vienna Academy of Art denied his application twice (Cohen 80).
Sunday's loss to the Rams was the Colts "worst season-opening act in franchise history" (Chappell 1).
Steele lays the blame for the Colts blowout loss on owner Jim Irsay (3).
According to Steele, Andrew Luck should have had surgery two years ago but Irsay decided to wait (3).
What happens if there is no author or page number???
Just use the title!

In Victoria, Australia, teenagers cannot drive until age 18 (Teen's Driving Age Pitch).
Author's last name

page number
Chappell, Mike. "Colts Must Look at Everything."
Indianapolis Star
, 12 Sept 2017, p. 1.
The Colts got beat so bad "they forgot what team they played" (Gilberg B1).
Gilberg, Ari. "Pagano says team got beat by 49ers."
NY Daily News
, 10 Sept 2017, p. B1.
Scott Tolzien was the "first undrafted quarterback to start a season opener for the Colts" (__________ ___)_
Chappell, Mike. "Colts Must Look at Everything."
Indianapolis Star
, 12 Sept 2017, p. 1.
(Chappell 1).
8th Grade Language Arts

Research Writing

-Use in-text citations with MLA formatting
Steele, David. "Colts Disaster Traced to Irsay." Sporting News, 11 Sept 2017, p. 3.

As Hurricane Irma moved north, it caused "fresh damage in areas where many Floridians had sought refuge over the weekend (___________ ___)_
Fausset, Richard. "Hurricane Irma Pushes North."
New York Times
, 11 Sept 2017, p. 1.
(Fausset 1).
Rosenberg, Jennifer. "Hitler Facts."
20 Aug. 2017. https://www.thoughtco.com/holocaust-facts-1779663. Accessed 13 Sept. 2017.
Cohen, George. "The Rise of Adolf Hitler."
The History Place. June 1996, p. 80.
"Hitler Sketches to be Auctioned." The Telegraph.
24 Mar. 2010, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-news/7511134/Hitler-sketches-that-failed-to-secure-his-place-at-art-academy-to-be-auctioned.html. Accessed 13 Sept. 2017.
According to The Telegraph, the drawings Hitler submitted to the Vienna Institute of Art are being auctioned.
*No in-text citation is needed here since websites do not have page numbers, and I told the reader the "author"!
(Jennifer Baker pg. 48).
(Jeff Smith, p. 24).
(Cooper, 9).
Ms. Czada coaches soccer. (Mote 15).
Ms. Czada coaches soccer (Mote 15).
Is this correct?
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