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Biome Project--Staunton, VA

Information of Staunton's Temperate Deciduous Forest

Michelle Daellenbach

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Biome Project--Staunton, VA

Temperate Deciduous Forest Staunton, Virginia Location 38.1579° N, 79.0764° W Precipitation: 750 to 1,500 mm of rain per year

Temperature: -30°C to 30°C,
Yearly average is 10°C,
Hot summers, cold winters Flora Broadleaf trees (oaks, maples, beeches)
Perennial herbs
Mosses Precipitation and Temperature Bats
Black Bears
Squirrels and Chipmunks
Skunks Fauna Topography and Weather
Staunton, Virginia is in the mountains of Virginia. Because Virginia is so mountainous, it forms microclimates throughout the state. Winds normally blow from west to east.

Because Virginia runs along the Atlantic Ocean, it often falls victim to hurricanes. Most recently, Virginia was affected by Hurricane Sandy. There was high snowfall, rainfall, and high winds in much of Virginia. Staunton was largely unaffected, although the Staunton School District's schools closed.
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