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How to build your LinkedIn profile - Teekkarin työkirja 2014

No description

Teekkarin Työkirja

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of How to build your LinkedIn profile - Teekkarin työkirja 2014

How to Build Your
LinkedIn Profile
Teekkarin Työkirja Job Hunting and Career Guide 2014

LinkedIn is a
search engine!

Use keywords in each section
1. Header
2. Summary
4. Experience
Add links to your experience
Link work examples
to your position
Personalise your public profile URL
Keywords = skills & interests
Your skills = your keywords
Dare to share!
Make yourself visible
Customise your URL
Use on your CV, e-mail signature etc.
Drag and drop to change order of different sections
3. Skills & Expertise
1. Header
2. Summary
3. Skills & Expertise
4. Experience
5. Education
6. Rest of the stuff
What's this?
5. Education
Add links to projects, your thesis etc.
6. The other stuff
Order of sections
More other stuff
Who's this lot?
Endorsements are references
You can delete endorsements that don't match your profile
7. Interests
Skills, interests and hobbies
How to add skills 1
Type URL: www.linkedin.com/skills
Search for skills
How to add skills 2
Related skills
Definition of skill
Check how other people describe their competence,
where they work and in which positions!
Heini Hult-Miekkavaara/Tekniikan akateemiset TEK
Who's that?
From colleagues, bosses, professors, customers, team mates etc.
View Topi's profile at
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