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Shorted version Fiducia

Findservice Deltion College

JJ Vroom

on 22 May 2012

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Transcript of Shorted version Fiducia

FIDUCIA Problems to solve Flexible Students are lost in Google’s Hyperspace. Selfmade content by teachers
is rarely shared with other teachers. 18.000.000 hits
and more Fiducia LIVE Solution Sharing! How? Self-made content is placed in our DLE

Content and arranged content can be found with Fiducia

Re-using content and arrangements Automating complete metadata-process M E T A D A T A It's a search-engine that's based
on Finding. Not on Searching.

It makes content made by teachers
findable and MIX up hits with
results from other professional
content. Less is more A student will find:

1st: content important for his own profession,
stored and found in N@tschool
2nd: other related content from other professions,
also found in N@tschool
3rd: other sources (ex. public library, publishers,
company databases, video archives) As a team of teachers you decide:
What the student can find
What a teacher can find
Order of the hits M I C T media information center / IT & learning bridge between IT & learning and taching Making education better using IT Development and innovations:
- our own searchengine (example)
- media literacy
- weblecturing (example)

Courses Didactics of elearning Information specialists / accountmanagers per cluster Senior advisors IT & education
1. Digital content
2. Digital learning environment
3. Assessment, portfolio, etc http://deltion.bibliotheekzwolle.nl/student/?c_opleiding=EC
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