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20 Things About Donaven

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of 20 Things About Donaven

20 things about Donaven

By Donaven Welker

Spiders are awesome
I Like Spiders.
My younger brother is so stupid its not even funny!
I Hate My Younger Brother.
My dog ,Pixy, got ran over and that was sad.
I Like My Dog, Pixy.
My younger sister try's to be the boss but loss's all the time!
I Hate My Younger Sister.
I Like To Have Friends That Are Nice To Me.
I Hate Friends That Don't Like To Be Nice To Me.
Some of my friends are nice like these friends.
I hate friends that are mean to me so much that I want to strangle them.
I like certin people.
I like friends that are good to me and other people!
I hate people that do bad things.
People ,(like this guy), do very bad things!
I hate how I cant do anything to help kids that I cant help.
I hate how I cant do anything to help my dog.
I hate how me and my family cant do anything to help are dog.
I hate how I cant think of anything for my birthday.
I cant think of
anything for my
I like funny things.
I like how cats that do funny
I really like animals.
My favorite animal is a white tiger.
I like skittles.
Taste the rainbow, smell the rainbow, eat the rainbow!
I like my father.
My father likes to play around with me. The way we play around is not like most people we go to shake each others hand but we actualy scuesd
I like mythical books a lot.
Mythical books are so nice. The crtures are so asome.
I like my mom a lot.
I love my mom!
I like Minecraft
I rely like Minecraft
I like movies!
These are some of my favorite movies.
I like a lot of stuff but this is what I like most of all is this, my family.
My family is some times harsh but not all the time.
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