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Family tree

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andrew smith

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Family tree

Great-great grandparents
Hilbert / Jarrett
Philip Hilbert (1821-1893)
Mary Ann Jarrett (?)
- married c.1850
- had one daughter
Philip was the second child of Philip (b.1795) and Lucy Hilbert who were married in 1818 and who had eight children.
Philip had 3 daughters with his second wife, Sarah (1839-1896, m.1870):
Sarah, b.1872,
Amy, b.1874,
Lucy, 1878-1957, (lived in Fawkham).
Great-great grandparents
Custance / Courtney
George Custance (1825-1905)
Mary Courtney (?)
- had 5 children:
John, George,
, Harry
& Polly.
Great-great grandparents
Hewett / Winter
Henry Hewett
Ann Winter
- had 5 children:
Harry Joseph
, Annie, George, Minnie & ?
Great-great grand parents
Allen / Wain
Henry John Allen
Ellen Louisa Wain (d.1936)
- had 6 children
, Will, Bert,
Florence & Leonard (Len)
Great-great grandparents
Taylor / Bird
William Taylor
Caroline Bird
- had two children
William James
& Jenny
Caroline's father fought at the battle of Waterloo
Great-great grandparents
Thomas / ?
Robertson Thomas
Jane ?
- had 6 children
William, Harry, Robertson,
, Albert
Ellen Louisa Allen (nee Wain) (Nanna)
William James leading Blossom
Great grandparents
Smith / Hilbert

Alfred Reynolds Smith 1853-1936
Mary Ann Hilbert 1852-1939
- married in 1875
- had four children:
MaryAnn (Queenie),
Alfred Philip
Percy, Fanny Amelia
Great grandparents
Custance / Horton

Richard Custance c.1850 -pre 1909
Eliza Horton 1848 - c1934
- married in 1879
- had four children:
Martha Jane
, George,
Henry (Harry), Elizabeth (Lizzie)
George (1881-1949) married Flo Ives (1881-1929).
Lizzie (1887-1958) married John Ives (1883-1952).
George and Lizzie married a brother and sister.
Lucy Hilbert
Philip Hilbert
Mary Courtney Custance
George Custance
Fanny Amelia Smith
Flo Custance (nee Ives)
Mary Ann (Queenie)
Lizzie & George
Diamond Wedding
Great grandparents
Hewett / Allen

Harry Joseph Hewett 1866-1947
Ada Ellen Allen 1873-1942
- married in 1892
- had four children:
Gertrude Beatrice,
William Henry
Sydney Frank, Florence Louisa Ann.
Great grandparents
Taylor / Thomas

William James Taylor 1872-1947
Elizabeth Thomas 1870-1929
- married in 1894
- has three children:
Caroline Jane
, Douglas William (Will),
Henry (Harry) James
Harry 1884-1919
Married Winifred Potter
in 1909; died from diphtheria 10 years later, and Winnie did not remarry
59a Mayplace Road
Lizzie in 1938
John & Lizzie's wedding day
16 Sept.1935
John & Lizzie with
Martha Jane & Bert
16 Sept. 1935
John Ives
John & Lizzie,
taken in St.Ives
Gertrude (Gertie)
married Percy Wingad
(Percy was uncle to Frederick)
Frank married
Jemima (Mima) liddle.
Photo taken 1933
Mima with son
Graham 1946
Florence Louisa (Flo)
married Frederick Wingad
Jenny Faulkner taken in 1945
with Caroline Jane
& Harry
William nearest the front,
Covent Garden, 1890s
with Caroline Jane,
and Will, c.1902
William Taylor, 1946
Will b.1900
Daisy (Day)
Harry with first wife
Joyce (Lane) in 1946
Harry & Joyce had one son, Jimmy.
Harry married second wife, Ann,
and had 2 children, Iris &Derek.
Percy & Millie @ son, Ernest Howard's, wedding to Mary
Percy, d.1955
Percy married
Millicent Day
Harry Allen
went to NZ,
Florence Louisa (Flo)
Will Taylor
Sydney Frank
Will Allen
'Nanna' with
Ada Ellen
Len married Ellen
(Nell) Elizabeth Wood.
One son, Ronald
- married
Pamela Webb
and had 3 children
Ron, Len & Nell
Lucy in 1946
(with John & Lizzie
Ives behind
Smith / Custance

Hewett / Taylor

William Harry Hewett 1896-1957
Caroline Jane Taylor 1898-1993
- married 1921
- three children
Cyril Malcolm,
Dorothy Grace
Dennis William
Alfred Philip Smith 1879-1963
Martha Jane Custance 1880-1967
- married 1916
- two children:
Roy Alfred
Harry Percy
Harry & Dorothy Smith
Harry's brother, Roy
Dorothy's brothers: Cyril & Den
Andrew Philip Smith
Michael Dennis Smith
Deborah Ruth Smith
Peter Andrew Caswell-Smith
Mark Iain Caswell Smith
Beam at 3, The Bridge
(Overy Liberty)
Christmas at Barnehurst 1945
John Ives, Alfred Smith, Harry Smith
Lizzie Ives, Martha Smith, Winnie Custance
Alfred & Martha Smith
John Ives, Martha & Alfred Smith
Roy & Zeline Smith
Roy at Harry's christening
Roy and Harry
Roy, Martha Jane, Lizzie
& Grandma Custance
(1919 or 1920)
Harry with his parents
9 Dallin Road
Moved to
42, Knole Road
Dartford in 1958
18th May
Harry Percy Smith
28.12.1921 - 17.5.1999
Dorothy Grace Hewett 28.6.1924 - 14.7.2009
Knole Road 1961
Gpa Smith, Roy, Gma Smith, Zeline, Dorothy, Harry
Paul, Michael, Andrew
Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1996
May 1999, @ Greenwich
Harry died suddenly about
a week after the photo
In New Zealand
Roy Alfred Smith 1919-200?
Zeline Monrad Holst 1920-
- married 1948
- 2 children
Christine Elizabeth Monrad Smith, b.1949
Paul Robin Monrad Smith b.1953
Roy's christening
Paul's christening
Cyril Malcolm Hewett 1922-2012
married in 1951
Audrey Mavis Unsworth 1923-2002
- 4 children
Neil Michael b.1952
Janet Susan b.1956
Martyn Frank b.1960
Timothy Clive b.1963
Dennis William Hewett b.1930
married in 1959
Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Harrison b.1938
- 2 children
Frederick Mark b.1963
Caroline Mary b.1965
Christening - Godparents
Christening - Grandparents
Margaret Petra Jones
married 1979
divorced 2010
- 3 children
Owen Michael b.1982
David Peter b.1985
Helen Margaret b.1989
married Gill Rabey 2011
1958 Crook Log school
married in 1976
Muriel Ruth Caswell
- 3 chidren
Deborah Ruth b.1978
Peter Andrew Caswell b.1980
Mark Iain Caswell b.1982
Christening - godparents
Den, Audrey, Roy
Christening - Grandparents

Harry & Roy
with cousin Howard
Fanny lived at Knoll cottages,
James, Helen, Michael & Mum
Owen, Mum, Michael
George c1850-1930
married Alice Berriman in 1882.
- 2 children:
Harry 1883-1903
Stanley (Stan) George 1890-1988

Stan married (1) May Etchells
(2) Edna Cairns
One daughter, Joy, married
Peter Allbeury
George with
son, Stan, &
granddaughter Joy
Stan & May
Peter & Joy Allbeury
Stan & daughter Joy
George Thomas (Elizabeth's older brother)
married Mary Anne Covell and had 3 children:
Edith Mildred, Frank & Stanley William.
Edith (Mill) married Arthur Leonard Collins (b.1898).
Arthur & Mill had one son, Raymond (Ray).
Arthur Collins
Harry Custance
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