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CV presentation

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Veronika Böröndy

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of CV presentation

Activities that

are important for me

Say goodbye
University 2011-2014

I attend Corvinus University of Budapest which
famous for the economic sciences in the country but the faculty of social sciences is a strong part of the university, too.
I study International Relations.
I graduate this summer
and get my BA degree. My plan is to get the MA degree too.
My biggest dream is working in the sport diplomacy.

Work Experience
Pető Institute
My email address:

My name is Veronika Böröndy. I'm 22. I live in Sopron, in a small town, in the Northwest of Hungary, near the Austrian border but I study in the capital, in Budapest.

At the university I joined HaKöSz: Hallgatók a Közösség Szolgálatában, a student organization which deals with volunteering activities. I entered this organization because I wanted to make useful things and anyway, I've always wanted to try volunteering and I'm convinced I decided well.

We've got many groups which concentrate on different types of exercises, for example:
Taking dogs from shelters for walks
Sustainable development
for example: thanks to our initiative now there are many selective dustbins in the university
Giving food packages for homeless people
And visiting the children in the kindergarten of the Pető András Institute

I'm the leader of this group
Coaching students who live in a children's home
Visiting elderly homes
Pető Institute provides conductive care to individuals with central nervous system injuries. Young children who attend this institute have motor disabilities which sometimes couple with mental disability.

When I go to Pető I try to help in the children's daily routine for example: at dinner, taking a bath and of course we play a lot:)
Other HaKöSz activities I've participated in

Santa Claus present making for autistic children
Music plays an important role in my life. I went to music school for 9 years and played the flute for 3 years and now I've played the clarinet for 11 years, and for 6 years I've been the member of a big wind-band in Sopron. It's like a workplace.
In this band I've learnt a lot about the importance and the mechanics of teamwork. For example that there is a time and place to play solo (being in the center and show off one's talent) and there is also one for teamwork. In this case the most important aspect is to be able to pay attention to others, to listen to everyone else as a whole. Sometimes this can be so difficult but for the result it's worth.
And the allocation of the gifts in reindeer and buffer costumes
My university internship (one month) was spent at GYSEV, a Hungarian-Austrian railway company. I had to translate railway documents from English to Hungarian.
With the Children's Home we organized a treasure hunting trip for the children. It was great fun for everyone.
We visited disabled people and in the framework of a creative afternoon made handmade things: we painted, made pompons and conversed with each other.
Activities I enjoy
Taking a trip
Doing sports
I consider myself a friendly, helpful, energetic girl who likes humor and discovering new things
And I'm sociable so I like spending time with my friends and meeting new people.
In the summer 2011 and 2013 I worked in Ferienhort. This international children camp is situated in Austria.

I worked in the service section. It means that together with my workmates I had to lay and set the tables, wash up, dry the dishes, give food portions for the children. It's a tiring job but I liked it because it is dynamic and I'm keen on energetic and exciting jobs.
And of course one of the main advantages of this job was that I could practice German and English too.
Secondary Grammar School 2006-2011

In the secondary grammar school I was very active. I participated in a lot of competitions especially in literature. (I liked reciting poems and analyzing short stories and novels.)
Furthermore I was the member of a dance group. It consisted of my classmates and we performed modern dances.
Half a year I attended a standard dance course where I could pick up the base of some standard dance steps, for example: waltz, mambo, rumba, cha-cha-cha etc.
And because I like meeting new people I went to many camps. Once I was in an international camp in Slovakia, in Snina where there were Slovaks, Poles and Hungarians. It was fun and a good experience how the foreigners could understand each other and work together.
Sport Day with blind people
In a park we spent a nice spring day with blind people. We could try boxing, judo, blind table tennis, blind bowling and tandem bicycle.

I participated in this event because I believe in the importance of sport and I think every similar event is a very good initiative to bring closer sport to the disabled people.
in the international camp

with my classmates...
in the modern dance group
I dance waltz with my father
The employees at the mole after work
In secondary grammar school our class won one of the biggest competitions of the school, the Student's Day. This day is

organized in every year and the classes perform a play. In our winner production I was a ballerina. The next year we had to organize it too. It was a good experience how we had to make a bigger event (our organizing skills developed a lot) and I could get taste of what it is like, when I'm in the limelight as a master of ceremonies.
I live in a family of four. I have got one elder sister who studies in Budapest too and fortunately we can live together here too.
I get on very well with my family. They provide me with security and a stable background. I know I can always count on them.

Besides the groups we lead different projects too. The project, I participate in, is organizing a first aid course for undergraduates. Many people don't know it or if they finish the course after a while they forget a lot. And because since we'd like to become people who are more helpful, prepared and responsible we thought it would be good to start this type of course at the university.
The members of HaKöSz...
New Year's Eve 2013
I hope you enjoyed my presentation and succeed in raising your interest.

Have a nice day!
Come and get to Know me!
I like learning foreign languages: I speak English, German and a little Spanish.

Organizational skills
Summer job

Data of my Sending Organization
Fiatalok a Vidékért Egyesület
(Youth for Rural Areas Association)
EVS EI: 2013-HU-84
Hungary, 2131 GÖD, Béke út 20.
+36 30 629 5452
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