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Compound Sentence Notes

No description

Jen Conrad

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Compound Sentence Notes

So what makes a compound sentence?
Compound Sentence
: sentence with two complete independent clauses joined by a conjunction or semicolon
Compound Sentence Notes
Here are some more examples......
Can you find the two independent clauses?
Let's talk about conjunctions!
a word that connects two independent clauses to make one compound sentence

Here is a helpful way to remember the conjunctions
Before we see some examples conjunctions at work, let's have some fun with them!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
Quick Recap: Simple Sentence
Simple Sentence
: A sentence that has one subject, one verb and makes a complete thought.
Simple Sentence= Independent Clause
Sammy went to the mall.
Sammy and Tim went to the mall
Sam went shopping
, and
she went to the movies
( Independent Clause)
( Independent Clause)
and is your conjunction
He likes to go the movies, but he does not like scary movies.
Suzy could go to the Rollercade, or she could go to the mall with her friends.
Elsa likes spending time with her sister, but she does not want to hurt her.

List of Conjunctions:
o n o u r e o
r d r t t
One rule to remember with conjunctions in compound sentences......
A COMMA must always come before the conjunction!
The conjunction must make sense in the sentence
Sue may buy a dog, or she may get a cat.
She does not like birds, nor does she like turtles.
What if I don't want to use
a comma and conjunction?
If you do not feel like using a comma/conjunction, you can use a semicolon.
The semicolon can replace the comma/conjunction!
Examples of semicolon use
Dad is going bald; his hair is getting thinner
and thinner.
We had too many fumbles; we lost the game.
Star Trek was my favorite television show during the 1960s; in fact, it is my favorite television show of all time.
Let's Review
Simple Sentence
: One independent clause

Compound Sentence
: Two independent clauses put together with a comma/conjunction or a semicolon

: For, And, Nor, But,
Or, Yet, So

It's your turn!
To practice, you will be writing compound sentences with conjunctions and semicolons.

You need to complete three , then come and see so I can check them!
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