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mise en scene

keep it in the picture

rob rector

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of mise en scene

mise en scene
Functions of settings include: establishing time and place, creating mood, introducing ideas and themes.
describe this image
don't analyze. just jot what you see
What can you guess about the characters on screen?
What is the mood? What is the atmosphere?
keeping it in the picture
describe everything you see in this picture
what about this one?
what can you surmise about the characters?
what about the mood? the atmosphere?
the human figure
casting is an important decision a director must make
That decision may be made according to typecasting
or because an actor practices a certain style of acting, such as Method acting
figure placement

costumes and props

actors fit into the mise en scene
Attributes of light:
Quality (hard/soft)

Placement (direction of light)

Contrast (high/low)
natural light
(dogme 95)
available light
tough for continuity
time of day, year
three-point lighting
high-key and low-key lighting
hard light
soft light
parallel rays
clean, hard shadows
clear shapes
indirect or diffused
wraps around, smoothes edges
Composition is defined as the visual arrangement of objects, actors and space within the frame. The composition can support themes and ideas or establish visual motifs.

Filmmakers use principles of graphic design to create a composition.
German expressionism
A distinctive era in German cinema (1910s and 1920s) in which film incorporated expressionist visual elements from other art forms. Diagonal lines, chiaroscuro lighting, and artificial sets conveyed a world out of balance. The two dimensional surface of film is emphasized.
approaches to mise en scene
French poetic realism
French film in the 1930s took advantage of a highly detailed mise en scène and camera movement.

These films rely on the three-dimensional choreography of the camera in relation to actors and objects in the frame.
La Bête Humaine
where would you set the following?
… two young lovers are breaking up because one thinks (mistakenly) that the other is having an affair
… a married couple is breaking up after 25 years of marriage because the wife felt as though she lost her sense of identity
…an American spy accepts a bribe from a foreign agent to hand over classified documents
… an estranged mother and daughter reunite for the first time in five years (the daughter is 16)
…gang members are holding a family hostage
...a group of teens find themselves hiding from a serial killer
imagine the following films:
some more...
iron man/
Ferris Bueller
Lord of the Rings/
The Matrix
men in black
pirates of the Caribbean
harry potter and
the Sorcerer's stone
blade runner
kill bill
what do the items in the room say about the character?

What can you say about the setting of this scene? How would you characterize it? Does it seem realistic, or does it seem stylized? How does it appear to have been constructed? Does it appear to be a sound stage, a real location, a CGI backdrop, or some combination?

After you think through these questions, think about their ramifications - what effect does the setting have on you as a viewer? Does it say anything about the characters? About the narrative?

How would you characterize the appearance of Depp and Bonham-Carter? What sort of makeup and costume design do they favor? Are the makeup and costumes realistic? Stylized? If so, how? Again, what effect do these visual elements have on you as an audience member? What significance do the makeup and costumes have to the narrative?


What lighting style does the scene seem to favor? Does it appear to be high key lighting? Low key illumination? Where does the light seem to come from? And once more, what effect does this lighting strategy have on you as an audience member? What significance does it have to the narrative or the characters?
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