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Parts of Conflict in the Outsiders

No description

Will No

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Parts of Conflict in the Outsiders

Man VS Society A character or group of characters fighting against the society they live in.
Example #1 - The first example in this book is when Johnny stabbed Bob to death to save Pony. It's against human nature to kill someone and it is against society to kill or harm another person. As you can see, he acted out of social protocol. (Chapters 4 and 5)
Example #2 - The next example is when Cherry wanted to become a greaser. It was against their social groups to go outside their social groups. It was frowned upon that Sandy wanted to do this. (p.77-78)
Example #3 - The final example is when the gang decided to have a rumble. It is also against society and it is inhuman to go to a park and fight against someone and try to kill each other. (p.120-130) Man VS Man A character struggles with another character (Protagonist VS Antagonist, Classic "Good" Guy VS "Bad Guy")
Example #1 - The first example is the rumble. The two gangs were physically fighting each other. This is obviously a man VS man because the two parties are fighting against each other to get something. In this case the Greasers beat the SOCS to win the rumble. (p.120-130)
Example #2 -Another example of Man VS Man is when Johnny stabbed Bob to death. Again, it was a fight between two parties to win or achieve something. This one was between Bob and Johnny. They were to either save or kill Pony. (Chapter 4 and 5) Man VS Self The character's struggle takes place in his/her own mind.

Example#1 - Cherry wants to go with Pony and Johnny, but goes with Bob instead. She actually wanted to go with Pony and Johnny but didn't because she wanted to maintain her popularity. (pg 44-45)
Example#2 - Randy doesn't want to go to the rumble so he runs away, but doesn't think running will solve anything. This is an example of man vs self because, Randy had to make a decision and that he didn't totally agree with and that caused inner turmoil. (pg 116-117) Examples of Conflict in the Outsiders By Justin English and Jack Lynn tttt
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