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Biology World Hunger Challenge

No description

Katie McTavish

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Biology World Hunger Challenge

Organization Profile Nutritional Info Case Study Why Is Relieving World Hunger a Challenge? Katie McTavish, Amanda Lopez, Grace Moore, and Dakota Spencer Barriers Feed my Starving Children support starving children in Thailand with food. Nutritional Values Manna rice packs Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Vitamin B6 Iron -Poverty The Agriculture of Thailand -Thailand is covered by mountains and hills and can't be used for agriculture. -Only 27.5 percent of the land is rich in nutrients. Population Leads to Starvation in Thailand -Thailand is the 19th most populated country in the world. Flooding Causes Crop Damage -Floods are very prevalent in Thailand. -Floods ruin crops and make the food completely unusable. -Climate -Population -Flooding Some problems for hunger in Thailand are... Katie McTavish
Barriers Grace Moore
Nutritional info -Thailand is also subject to drought. Poverty in Thailand -Skin
-Cell Walls
-insulation -Energy -Infections
-Flows -Poverty leads to a complete lack of resources. -Poor people begin to starve. -Digestive system
-Energy -Energy
-Red Blood Cells Feed my starving children is a non-profit Christian organization that feeds children hungry in body and spirit. What they do to help They make and provide meals to people who need them. FMSC meals are distributed in nearly 70 countries though missionary partnerships. Goals Their goal is to feed as many people as they can and to tell them about God in the process of doing so. Where they are Feed my starving children organization works in school, orphanages, clinics, refugee, camps, and malnourishment centers. Dakota Spencer
Case study UH-OH!!
Tsunami in 2004 Started at school Started teaching about nutrition at school. Grew to the community Still trying to make a change. Trying to spread information on farming and nutrition to stop hunger Started spreading nutrition and farming facts to the community Destroyed agriculture )': Amanda Lopez
Organization Profile
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