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Social Action and Community Media

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Luke Carroll

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Social Action and Community Media

Unit 31: Social Action and Community Media
Local Change
One purpose of Social Action Community Media is for Local Change in a local community for example Save the Odeon group in Bradford is trying to Save the Odeon from being demolished, the techniques they've used to save the Odeon are giving Leaflets to the Public.

The impact has been found to be successful as its brought the community together tackling the same issue and something everyone wants to save, but also the campaign was successful as the Odeon has been saved from being demolished.

National Change
Another purpose of Social Action Community Media is to raise awareness and change opinions on a certain matter Nationally, For example Stoptober against smoking Campaign is a 28 Day no smoking challenge for people willing to participate in the campaign the commercial on television showed different age groups taking part, this raised awareness. After a successful year last year a few comments from the participants was "I'm never going to smoke again" and "I feel much healthier" Changing peoples lifestyles on the matter.

The impact this campaign has had is more people taking part this year than last year at the moment 243,815 people and still increasing, this campaign has not only changed peoples lifestyles but also motivated others to take part in the campaign.
Global Change
Social Action and Community Media
There are different types of campaigns such as Local campaigns to save a building or it could be national to raise awareness against a subject and it could be global change.

Greenpeace isn't a just a campaign on 1 issue, Greenpeace tackle a lot of different issues which they believe is harming the environment, it is trying to bring global change to the world such as to stop deforestation or to stop toxic chemicals to be used in the environment, the campaign is a mixture of raising awareness and trying to bring change by targeting products on Television to change peoples minds about what they eat such as nestle Kit Kats.

The impact of these campaigns have been proven to be successful as they've made a Whale Sanctuary, Bans have been put through to stop radioactive dumping in the sea and much more, Greenpeace could well possibly be one of the most well supported groups with 2.8 million supporters worldwide.
Greenpeace Techniques
The way Greenpeace chose to promote there cause is via commercials because its an easy media product to use to promote, the way the Greenpeace commercial showed there cause by putting a mixture of shock and disgust to the audience, for example there deforestation commercial showed an Orangutang finger being eaten in a Kitkat wrapper, its grabbing the audiences attention by being controversial and showing grotesque images.
The Greenpeace commercial got what it wanted and that's attention which it did indeed get, it helped as Nestle who didn't enjoy the bad publicity made an announcement of a partnership with 'The Forest Trust' that they didn't have anything to do with deforestation.
I think the advert they produced was too below the belt and became more of a hate campaign against Nestle rather than it trying to get them to stop cutting forests down by clearly showing the Kitkat product, if i did it i would keep my main d aim in deforestation rather than hating on Nestle
Stoptober Techniques
Stoptober chose to use the internet and TV advertisements to advertise their campaigns, for example at the side of some youtube videos advertised the Stoptober campaign, the way they made their media products effective is during the commercial it showed a variety of different age groups and ethnicity's to show that anyone can give the 28 day campaign a go.

It helped achieve its objectives by promoting it on the Internet and TV, to spread the word to others.

In my opinion I believe the media product could have gone better as its not telling us why people should take part, for example no mention on peoples health or for the children its just people doing the campaign with no motivation behind them.
Changing Attitudes
Time to change is a campaign to change peoples attitudes towards people with mental health problems. The way they're promoting their campaign is through internet and go to schools to spread the word.

The impact has been proven to be successful as its been reported from people with mental health problems of no discrimination against them which is a 11% reduction in average levels of discrimination.

Raise Awareness
Whizz-kids is a campaign to raise awareness of the issues faced by disable children and young people with mobility impairments,The charity is to improve wheelchair provision for children, the way they've promoted their campaigns is by using the internet for signatures to send to the MP to try and give children with mobility impairments the same opportunities as children who aren't disabled.
Trying to Change the Way a topic
is discussed
The Be A Star Campaign is trying to change the way Bullying is talked about in social media and television, It has been heavily promoted by one of their Partners programs the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).
The Be A Star Campaign is aimed at Children and Teachers to do something if bullying is witnessed, even being a bystander is a bully for watching but not helping, While in Schools bullying isn't seen as a huge issue they see it as kids being kids, the Be A Star Campaign is hoping to change peoples attitudes on the matter and how Bullying is seen in the media.

The difference they have made is by going to a range of different schools across the world to tell them their experiences with bullies and what people can do to stop it,.
Closer Community Ties
The rainbow laces campaign to keep homophobia out of the community is trying to bring the community closer together by keeping homophobic remarks out of football.
The impact they had on this campaign is 50/50 as some players refused to ware the rainbow colored laces but most players wore the laces and many tweeted about what the laces symbolize such as QPR player Joey Barton "Show that people's sexuality shouldn't be an issue. Join the rainbow laces movement." as he tries to motivate other players to join the campaign as well.
Persuade People to Vote
Social Media Campaigns can be used to persuade people to vote for example with the presidential elections in America, they're trying to get more people to vote about who they want in charge of their country for example Barrack Obama tried to get people to vote for him by using social media such as Twitter to get younger votes.
Obama used Social Media Sites like Twitter to get the votes of the younger audience which was proven to be successful as he did win the presidential election, The impact was to become President which he won.
Provide Better Information
The British Heart Foundation is a campaign to provide better information to the public about their health and how important it is, they choose to distribute most information on their website which is a smart choice by The British Heart Foundation as many people across the UK own a computer or have some access to the internet so it makes it easier for the campaign to be found.
The British Heart Foundation has had a lot of impact as the site has a community tab to allow people following the website to provide information on their story allowing users not familiar with the campaign learn from other peoples experiences.
Access to the Media
The Make A Wish Foundation a campaign for sick children aged from 3-17 to allow them to have one wish granted for them, this campaign is not usually showcased as much as other Campaigns but it was given an opportunity to show their Campaign on National TV everyday, again the WWE Granted them access to their broadcast and showcases the Make a Wish foundation every week.
The Make a Wish Foundation also provide a lot of information about the types of work they've done, as their website allows readers to see what wishes was granted such as meeting celebrities or becoming a police man for a day.
Change Peoples Minds
THINK! Road Safety is a campaign to change peoples minds about Drink Driving, the way they've shown this is through controversial commercials such as a man at a bar talking to himself if he should have 1 more drink or not.
This campaign is used to tell people not to drink and drive as its not just hazardous for their safety but the people on the streets safety as well, its not just targeting the driver but kids as well as they've also made a commercial of children who don't look both ways when crossing the road, leaving them harmed and hurt, they're trying to change peoples minds about road safety.
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