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Housing and Interior Design Architectural Style Project

Class Project Fall or Spring Year

Maddy Haney

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Housing and Interior Design Architectural Style Project

Dwelling Styles By: Maddy Haney Native American Style Colonial Period Salt Box Colonial Period Dutch Colonial Colonial Period Southern Colonial Colonial Period Cape Cod Colonial Period Georgian Colonial Period Federal Colonial Period Greek Revival Victorian Period Gothic Revival Victorian Period Swiss Cotswold Victorian Period Second Empire Victorian Period Queen Ann Victorian Period Tudor Contemporary Period Pueblo Revival Contemporary Period Mobile Home Contemporary Period California Ranch Contemporary Period A Frame Contemporary Period Solar Contemporary Period Geodesic Dome Contemporary Period Earth Shelter 1. Built in New England
2. Large central chimney
3.No windows in the rear 1. Built always facing the prevailing summer breeze
2. Symmetrical
3. Small paned windows 1. Gambrel Roof
2. Cedar shingles
3. Dutch door 1. Built to withstand lashing wind
2. No hallways
3. Low and broad 1. Two chimneys
2. Made for comfort, convenience and privacy
3. Gable or hip roof 1. Flat roof
2. Each room had a specific purpose
3. Looked like the banks of the time 1. Gable roof
2. Small, hidden windows
3. Four thick decorative columns 1. Asymmetrical
2. More detailed
3. Pointed arches 1. Built of rough cut timber
2. Gable roof
3. Many gallaries, balconies and large windows 1. Mansard Roof
2. Dormer windows
3. Frenched doors opening onto deep porches 1. Began in England
2. Made usually of wood
3. "Gingerbread Home" 1. Massive sculptured chimneys
2. High complicated peaked roofs
3. Small leaded glass casement windows 1. Massive battered walls, rounded corners
2.Very plain
3. First homes with a patio 1. Closely related to automobiles
2. First known as travel trailers
3. Then developed into low cost housing 1. Low to the ground
2. Front porch replaced by private back entrance and garages
3. Created in Spanish period in America's Southwest 1. A shaped, missing two sides of walls
2. Front and rear are windows
3. Traditional vacation or second home 1. Large overhang eves
2. Windows on all floors
3. Living spaces arranged so in direct contact of sunlight or heat storage 1. Their dwellings varied from tribe to tribe
2. Built their dwellings using the things around them like tree bark and palm trees
3. They had many different kinds of dwellings 1. Energy efficient
2. Sphere shaped
3. Can protects from tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes because of its weight 1. Uses the ground (soil) as the exterior walls
2. Reduces heat loss in the home
3. Used for thermal heat
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