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TITAS Malay Civilization

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Amirah Syafiqah Mohd Sabran

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of TITAS Malay Civilization

"Malay Civilization"
By Group 3

Malay Civilization
Amirah Syafiqah Binti Mohd Sabran
MasNurNajiha Binti Basir
Nurul Hafizah Binti Khairudin
Razita Syahirah Binti Mustafar
Background of Malay Civilization
History and Empires
Geography of Malay Civilization
The Malay Peninsula is in Southeast Asia. The land mass runs approximately north-south and, at its terminus, is the southernmost point of the Asian mainland. The area contains the southernmost tip of Myanmar, Peninsular Malaysia, and Southern Thailand.

The Titiwangsa Mountains are part of the Tenasserim Hills system, and form the backbone of the Peninsula. They form the southernmost section of the central cordillera which runs from Tibet through the Kra Isthmus (the Peninsula's narrowest point) into the Malay peninsula. The Strait of Malacca separates the Malay Peninsula from the Indonesian island of Sumatra while the south coast is separated from the island of Singapore by the Straits of Johor.
Malay civilization and Islamic civilization like two entities and can not be separated because the Malay races have long been a convert to Islam identified.
Malay Civilization as the Foundation of Malaysia
Who are Malays?
Malays absorbed numerous cultural features of other ethnics, such as those of Minang, Acehnese, and to some degree Javanese culture malay consist of two which are:
Proto malay
known as Melayu asli (aboriginal Malays) or Melayu Purba (ancient Malays).
Austronesian origin that thought to have migrated to the Malay archipelago on long series of migration between 2500 and 1500 BC.

Deutero Malays
Iron Age people descended partly from the subsequent Chams, Mon-Khmer people of mainland Southeast Asia.
Follows Austronesian people whame equipped with more advanced farming techniques and new knowledge of metals.
Islam in Malay Civilization
Malay civilization development process through three main stages:

1-Ancient civilization/Pre-history
2-Hindu civilization (Hindu influence on the start of the coming century 3M and Arabs Jahiliyah until 1200M)
3-Modern civilization (after the advent of Islam from 1200M until now)
The important elements in the construction of Malay Civilization.
1. Environment
a) Ibnu Khaldun:

Condusive factors of environment are important in building such as factor of climate, land forms, water & natural resources.
b) Usman Haji Yaakob, 1989:
Thinks that human first and choosing suit habitat to settle whether social, economic, political & enviromental.
2. WorldView
Influenced by several factors:
The physical properties of the surrounding environment
Life goals based on individual experience
Sense of community and harmony
Before the arrival of Islam, Malay civilization influenced by Indian civilization through various means such as:
Indian civilization is more dominant influence of the place while the majority of the people do not change much because of animism influence.
The arrival of Islam has brought major changes in the Malay civilization.
All things that have been detremined by the teachings of Islam.
Malay civilization is likely to be the backbone in forming Malaysia. It is built based on holistical views, cultural views, political views, and laws. These values are the foundation in forming Malaysia.
Religion View
Islam plays an important role in forming Malay civilization.
Islam civilization has changed its aesthetic pattern and style of Hindu-Buddha to more competitive and ideal for one's soul and mind.
Islam states that everyone have rights to gain knowledge.
This statement give space to the Malays to open up their mind and be more viable.
Identity Development
Malays have unique moral values that they obey from their religion.
The moral values that they follow are responsibilities, patience, honesty, justice, wisdom, tolerate, productive, dedication and cooperation.
The Malay society is very concern about educating their children.
They are very particular in giving names to their child once they were born.
This way, they believe it will give a positive impact in their children's identity development.
Political Values and laws
Islam has influenced the laws in Malaysia
This is because of the ranking of Islam, power field and administration
"Hukum Kanun Melaka" is based on the Islamic law from Mazhab Syafie.
The aspect of Malay custom still exists in the Malay laws.
Economical Views
Before the appearance of Islam in Tanah Melayu, the Malay economy only focused on the states in India but after the arrival of Islam in the Malay society, the marketing of Tanah Melayu has been spread to Arabic region.
The islam ecnomic system has been introduced and brough towards the development by fulfilling the Islamic obligations.
This system had been used for years until the British arrival and they introduced the modern economic system.
This system introduced by them require a lot of manpower and due to that Chinese from China and Indians from India are brought in to Tanah Melayu.
It had formed Tanah Melayu to be a multiracial country until now.
Development of Language Institutions
Bahasa Melayu was written in Kawi and Nagari which is from Pallava, India before the existence of Islam in Tanah Melayu.
Jawi was introduced to Tanah Melayu since existence of Islam.
Islam had empowered Bahasa Melayu to be Lingua Franca as the mediation language with the outsiders.
From the production of books in Jawi, Bahasa Melayu had been the mediation to all sort of knowledge and Islamic informations.
CA 14049
CA 14056
CA 14052
CA 14048
1. Faithful to Allah S.W.T
It is important to be faithful to Allah S.W.T among the islam religion.
Do whatever that Allah S.W.T allowed and don't do anything that restricted by Allah S.W.T is one way that Malay shows their faithfulness to Allah S.W.T
2. Elder First
Malay's society always giving the priority to the eldest, this is due the eldest has more experience compare to the younger generation.
Experience is important for the Malay's society, where the young people are encouraged to gain experience from elder people.
3. Respect each other
Malay is a very polite race. They did not look down on other people, hence they pay their respect to other people.
4. Welcoming Guest
Malay Society always treat their guest very nicely, they very welcome any guest that visit their home because they believe that it will be inviting wealth to their house also
5. Considerate
Malay always consider others feeling and also situation, before making any decision.
6. Cooperative
One of the characteristic of Malay civilization is cooperative.
They always concern about working in a group.
Values System
1. Loyalty to Sultan and respect the leader.
History of Malay civilization shows that Malay loyal to their Sultan, which is one of their custom.
Malay also shows their respect to their leader.
2. Obeying Laws
Malay society always obeying to their customary law.
They deeply understand their customary law therefore they are obedient to their customary law
3. Polite, Well-behaved
Malay always talk politely and kissing elder hands to greet the elder.
4. Win-Win
Malay society always looking for a win-win solution, by giving chances to others to give their opinion, they will consider the other's idea abd thus combining both idea to become one
5. Work Hard
Working hard is one of the important values among Malay society.
Based on the teaching of Islam religion, their earning will become part of their body, so when they giving birth, their earning will become one part of their child also, so when they increasing their income by using improper way, their income are said to be "Haram" (prohibited) and thus, the "Haram" income will become part of them and also part of their family and inherited in their descent.
Early Malay governments become more robust when they accept Islam.Formation of Muslim Malay kingdoms in Southeast Asia is considered as the golden age of Malay civilization. Malay Muslim government that is often associated with the government of Malaysia is Malay Muslims in Malacca.
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