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A Unified Theory OUTLINE

Connecting the Dots: String Theory

Izzy Hathaway

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of A Unified Theory OUTLINE

Ten dimensions are necessary, (that is, the four we already know and seven extra-we can say this)
allowed for math to be anomaly free
Dimensions could curve in on each other on a microscopic level, so we would be unaware of them
A Unified Theory
Super String Theory
and M-Theory

The Ultimate Theory
What is a String?
The Future
There are four fundamental forces in the known universe:
The EM Force
The Strong Force
The Weak Force
The Gravitational Force (General Relativity)
A string is a tiny vibrating strand of energy,
Protons > quarks > strings
These strings make up everything in the universe by vibrating at different frequencies
String theory could do what Einstein dreamed
It could explain everything from quantum mechanics to dark matter
it could be proven wrong
Why Strings?
Three different scientists independently came to the same conclusion
Through extensive math, equations suggested a spiral shape
The Catch
Unfortunately, there are not yet tests to prove the strings exist
However a Large Hadron Collider could prove multiple dimensions
The End
Physicists since Newton have been trying to combine forces into a unified theory
String theory could unite the whole universe
It mathematically link the four forces
It fuses the tiny and huge and suggests that the entire universe is made up by a bunch of strings
Tied Up with Strings
Physicists went too far, and created five mathematical ways for sting theory to work.
Ed Whitten combined them into M-Theory
M-theory needs 11 dimensions to work
Parallel Universes and the Big Bang
M-Theory could predict parallel universes.
M-theory could explain why gravity is as weak as it is
Parallel universes could be right in front of us
The Big Bang might not be a singular event
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