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toyota automobile

problems and solutions

Manuel Jaramillo

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of toyota automobile

Toyota Automobile Problems and Solutions Manuel Jaramillo
Jesus Komiyama in 2010 toyota announced its
largest recall in history this recall was due to defective parts
on the vehicles Toyota's Image was damaged Toyota lost its credibility for high quality and safety the gas pedal feels rough the gas pedal doesn't return promptly
to its original position the gas pedal doesn't return at all more than 6 million cars got recalled solutions to these problems How shall we restore Toyota's image? We have a proposal of 5
solutions to this problem Incentives to Attract new customers to Toyota Providing customers with incentives makes
the customer feel valued and appreciated.
Most customers respond when something is given
in exchange, especially FREE
Promotional strategies like these, always interest customers
to at least make a visit to their Toyota dealer. Make Toyota sales increase THE ZERO SALE EVENT

Zero Down

Zero interest for one year for new
Toyota customers

Customers leave Toyota with a new car and
more money in their pocket New Warranty Coverage

Extend an extra 20,000 miles on vehicles
Or add 20 months to the 30 month warranty

Better Maintenance

Toyota will provide

Oil Changes for one year

Safety Inspections

Wheel and Tire alignment checkups

Other minor wear and tear types of maintenance

Customer Feedback Customer information is valuable to Toyota

Customer service ramdom surveys

Customers feel appreciated personally


Responding to our customer needs

Customer Appreciation

Creating solutions to our problem

Restore Toyota's Image
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