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Counter Argument


Mike Wilpiszeski

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Counter Argument

How to include the Counter Argument Introducing the Counter Argument Example:
Topic: Team sports should be required in middle school To summarize... When you introduce the counter argument, talk about why people believe it - do not talk about why it is wrong right away.

Start off introducing the counter argument with phrases such as:
"The opposing view is that..."
"Some people think..."
"Some may say that..."
"Others may believe..."

* Do not introduce the counter argument in your introduction paragraph - include it in the second body paragraph or later. * Rebuttal (Your Response to the Counter Argument) Some may believe that team sports could intimidate children. Some children may be physically smaller than others. Others may not be as athletic as other team members. When they cannot run as fast as other team members or are not as agile, they fear (and may receive) ridicule. However, learning to work as part of a team is essential to success in many other areas. Children have to learn to cooperate both at school and home. In school, students are expected to work together without conflict. At home, children are expected to be part of the family team and help with chores that need to be done. Introduce the counter argument ("some people think...)

Give the other opinion and reasons why some might believe it

Explain to your reader why the people who believe that opinion are wrong ("However...") After you introduce the counter argument, you then have to discuss why the counter argument is incorrect. You can start off the rebuttal in a number of ways, such as:

"Despite this information..."

This is your opportunity to prove why the opposing viewpoint is wrong. If you do this successfully, your argument becomes much stronger. in your editorial Do Now, 1/9
1. Log on to your computers. As you are logging on, set a goal for yourself for today’s writing period. How much do you hope to accomplish?

2. Once you are logged on, open the document titled “Counter Argument Notes” from Edmodo.
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