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Web-comics: New Generation

Digital Vs Printed ; Web-comic: Homestuck by Andrew Hussie

Karina Perez

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Web-comics: New Generation

Homestuck by Andrew Hussie Web-Comics: New Generation Which Is Better For New Creators?
Web-comic: Homestuck by Andrew Hussie Digital VS Print Comics Benefits of
Print Benefits
Digital Cost Potential
Readership Instant Gratification Collectibility Tangible Permanency Homestuck Interactive Gained significant fanbase on Internet Direct collaboration with author of the fanbase EFFECTS FanArt CosPlay FanFic Music HS Game The Serendipity Gospels on Archive of Our Own. It has around 41,500 hits 9th album has 49 songs in total over $700,000 raised under 2 days over 400, 000 hs art added on DA.com alone over 30, 000 pictures of people cosplaying hs charcters
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