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career shadowing

mia corbin

mia corbin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of career shadowing

the purpose of this compaany is to have a place where teens people can come and et thier bloold checked,and test done. hopefully this company will still be here in 15 years,its already national we want it to become international. to work in these job feild you must be,a people person,have manners,have a collegde degree in drawing blood. you must have a degree in medicine,and average salary 15,ooo to 30,000. the technology that is used is computers,and a blood giver machine. i would persue a career in this job field,it was pretty nasty because i had to clean up after nasty people.nasty old people.but other than that i liked it alot. what i liked best about this job was the people.they were pretty funny,they told jokes to my mom,it was funny.and also when we went and delivered papers next door.they had a candy fountain.!!!!!!!!! what i dislike bout the job was cleaning up after old people.and they were wrinkled and stuff.thats the only part i wouldnt want to do. me cleaning up after work!!!!!!!!!!!!
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