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Revolutionary War

No description

Gene Monahan

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War
Stamp Act
Many people got taxed for things like newspapers, legal documents, playing cards, and even tea. They were taxed to make up for all the things lost in the French and Indian war.
Boston Tea Party
The colonist had to buy the tea and pay taxes on the tea, or not drink tea at all. Samuel Adams and his crew dressed as Indians, boarded the ships, and threw the tea off of the ships.
The Coercive Acts
The Boston tea party angered the British, so the British set new laws to punish the Massachusetts settlers. Those new laws were called the Coercive acts because its coursed or forced.
What happened to the harbor
First Continental Congress
The colony leaders met in Philadelphia . They were meeting because they were afraid that Britain might take stronger action. It was called the Continental Congress because it was the first meeting in America.
Lexington and Concord
The british closed the ports until the colonist payed for the destroyed tea. So, they told the navy to blockade the ports so other ships could not enter ,so supplies could not come.


Paul Revere warned of the British coming to Lexington. The Minutemen were waiting. The Revolutionary war began when the first shot was fired, later called ''the shot heard 'round the world.''
Colonist work together
The Sons of Liberty were formed to fight against the new taxes. The Stamp Act was repealed. Committees of Correspondence was set up to get information from Britain.
The Boston Massacre
The colonist were furious with soldiers in their town. They called the soldiers Redcoats and Lobsters. A fight broke out and five colonists were killed.One of them was Crispus Attucks.
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