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Connect2 & ELLevate w/Bb

No description

Kimberly Czapla

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of Connect2 & ELLevate w/Bb

What is Connect2?
Student Registration
Taking Assignments
Student Navigation
Instructor Registration
Course Creation
Assignment Creation
Help Link
Click on "Sign in" if you already have an existing account
To create a new account, enter you email address.
NOTE: The system will check to see if you email address already exists
Note: there is no copy and paste function on this page to avoid any duplicate typos
If a school is not listed, the instructor can type in their school
You can add up to 5 more schools if needed (Instructor's access to Connect2 depends on which school they are associated with and if they are approved)
Once you have created your profile, an activation email will be sent to their email
NOTE: On the back end, a request will be sent to the sales team and it will take up to 3 business day (sales rep from their region will need to approve the request before the instructor can access Connect 2)
Below is the email address the Sales reps will receive indicating an instructor's request for a Connect 2 account approval
"Account approved" email
At this point the instructor needs to wait for their account to be approved. The email notes that it may take up to 3 business days.
Section URL example:
NOTE: Once the student clicks on "next" button, the student will at that point they will be added to the roster
So if student accidentally registers to wrong course the Instructor can remove student off their roster if needed
When using a access code for a different product, it will give you a message stating "this course is for xxxxx" , "your code is for xxxxx"
Students will have the option to upgrade to full access during their Courtesy Access priod. On their Dashboard, they can click on a link located under their Course box, which will expand a purchase link as shown above
If you already have an account, just sign in with your existing credentials
Add Content
Configure Settings
Add/Invite Students
How to Publish a Course
Let's create a Course!
Let's create a Assignment!
Limited Root Access Tool
Connect2 is an online course system that allows instructor to build assignments and select content based off of McGraw-Hill Textbooks/Content, and allows students to take them online. Connect2 is primarily used by our
international customers
The above shows the email the instructor will receive once their Connect 2 account has been approved. At this point they can log into their account.
To create an account, enter your email address and click on "GO"
(The school name will go to sales for verification and then it will placed into the system)
If you email address does not exist in the system, you will be prompted to create a new profile
The instructor's activation email is shown above
If you already have an account, just sign in with your existing credentials
A student should receive a Course/Section URL from their instructor
The Course/Section homepage should show the instructor's Course/Section name & Instructor's name. NOTE: The office hours & instructor profile picture is optional by the instructor
Students should note when their access will expire
Student will be brought to their Course
This will take you back to the initial page to input the correct email address
These are the criteria for creating a Connect2 password
You can customize your Course/Section URL (Just the end stem of the URL). However, it must be unique and not currently being used by another instructor.
Enter your student's email address' that you would like to email your Course/Section URL to
You can edit the default Course/Section URL
This is an example of an invite email from the instructor
It will take the students to their correct Course/Section homepage
If a Course is not Published you cannot invite any students to your Course/Section
Note: there is no copy and paste function on this page to avoid any duplicate typos
To create a new Course Section, click here
Existing Course Sections
Codeless/Institutional Offer Process
NOTE: The "Method of Access" page will be skipped
Students will go to their instructor's Course/Section homepage
Student's without an account will create their profile
The difference with Codeless Offers is that the student will skip the "Method of Access" page and be brought to the "Success" page.
Students will be able to go directly to their Course
Instructors & students have the option to change the language during registration process.
Incident List
Student's side
Instructor's side
Instructor's can also change the language within their Connect2 account, which also affects the student's side
Student Roster
Managing Account info
Assignment List
Course Maps
Grade Details
NOTE: Settings are only available when creating "Assessments"
Activity Performance Report
Topics Performance Report
Course Settings
Escalation process
These are the 4 assignment types in Connect2
Manually graded question/s ready to be scored.
Assessments assignments will display "Score"
Enter your point values here
Only show questions that needs to be scored
When student receives 100% on assignment
Allows instructors to toggle between students
You will see a class setup checklist
You can customize your grade scale for your class
You can create your own Category of assignments
And you can weight the categories you have created
You can revisit/edit your course settings here after your course was created
You can assign the assignment to specific students
You can make the assignment visible or invisible to the students
Instructor can attach files for reference that students can bring up during the assignment
Dictates when students can access the assignment
Instructor can input a value
Instructor can enter a comment for their student to see
Assignment due date
Assignment Type/Category
Assignment availability
Assignment name
By default, when you create a course it will be "Unpublished"
NOTE: When a course is not "published", students will not be able to access the course
This can be called "breadcrumbs", a navigation trail that reveals the user's location and path. This also allow the user to click on a section on the path.
Within Connect2 the is a "Help" link that contains a detailed tutorial help guide
There are videos and step by step instructions
Tier 2 Support (Connect2 queue)
Other assignments you can just enter a number value
The reason why there's a "Score" for the assessments vs other assignments is because there are individual questions within the assessment to be scored
Create a Schedule
Current grade settings
Instructor's comments
Submitted assignments (by category)
Assignment due dates
Current average
Clicking on the assignment name takes you to details/overview
Score awarded
Courses enrolled
Line reader
Reference Sheet
Correct and incorrect indicators
Score per question
Indicates if there are any manually graded questions within the assignment
If the assignment has multiple sections, you may see the page above
scrolls columns left/right
Create a new assignment
Instructor can input an overall score for a student's submitted assignment
Instructor can input an a comment for their students to see
Instructor's current gradebook settings
What is ELLevate?
ELLevate is English Language Learning
ELLevate uses the same platform as Connect2, the functionality is exactly the same, just different content
What are the differences between Connect2 & ELLevate?
Different content
Selecting Languages
What are the similarities with Connect2 & ELLevate?
Platform (functionality)
Login page
You can search for an account 4 ways
Basic customer information
We do not escalate Connect2 and ELLevate issues to JIRA
Instead we will need to gather the necessary information for the case, then place the case into the
CXG-Connect2 queue
within SFDC. Agent should then notify the customer that their case has been submitted to Tier 2 support for review.
CXG-Connect2 queue
will be
Tier 2 support
The Tier 2 agent will escalate to JIRA. Then once the issue is fixed the Tier 2 agent will confirm the fix, then place a comment within the case, and assign the case back into the
*CXG agent will take back ownership of the case and notify the customer of the fix
Internal Terminology
, internally, can be also known as
, and/or
Open Learning
It is important to know that we do not use these internal terminology to customer so we do not confuse them
However, it is important to know these internal terminology because our engineering team may reference them in comments to us in CXG, and it is good to know what they are referring to
Grades 7th to 12th
How can I identify what product the customer is using?
As of now, there is not LMS integration with Connect2/ELLevate
You can ask the student which website they are going to, so you can determine which product they are using
You can also use the Connect2 lookup tool (Limited Root Access Tool)
As of now there are codeless/institutional offers only
As you can see, ELLevate uses the same platform as Connect2
Added content is the same
However, the content found in ELLevate would be Language
Launching a ELLevate assignment
NOTE: If you place a case into the Connect2 without sufficient information, Tier2 will send the case back asking for the information
Students score's will be removed
(English as a second language)
Self-Service Cases will be routed to the
CXG-International queue
Phone calls will be routed to the
International Phone lines
AKA Connect2/ELLevate Admin Tool
Connect2/ELLevate Accounts
Call Flow Chart
You can change the time zone
Connect2/ELLevate Assessment:

Use search field
You can select all, or some of the topics
The content added will be located under "Course Maps"
Instructors will be able to see the topics selected and they will the options to Remove, Edit, or Assign the materials.
Under "Overview" you can select existing questions from the
Question Bank
, or
Create New Question
Add from Question Bank
Create New Question
As mentioned, settings is available for Assessment type assignments. For the "Instructions" assignment, it is more for students to read instructions provided by the instructor for a offline task
The "Submission" assignment type allow students to submit a file to their instructor
Instructors can also assign specific topics within the SmartBook chapters
Instructors can assign SmartBook chapters for their students as an assignment type
Assignment score is now removed
A color coding key is displayed at the top right of the calendar page. This will help you determine which class an item on the calendar belongs to
You can view assignments from previous or future months using the backward and forward arrows at the top left.
You can select a month, week or day view using the buttons at the top right of the calendar.
This feature allows you to share your gradebook with other instructors or teaching assistance
The Help Link is located under the account drop down list
Student will not have access to their course until the get through "Method of Access"
Courtesy access standard duration is 14 days
What is a Codeless/Institutional Offer?
Codeless/Institutional Offers are when schools/institutions have already paid on the student's behalf. So when the students register, instead of being prompted for a registration code or courtesy access, they should have skip the method of Payment section. Once the student completes registration, they will be automatically signed into their account.
The only option is for the student to enter a Access Code. Notice that the Courtesy Access option is no longer available
Another way to upgrade or check a status on a account is to go to their Manage Account section
Allows you to toggle between courses
This is the student's gradebook. Any submitted assignments will appear here.
You can also see the instructor's grade scale settings
Students can see assignments that are due plotted on the dates of their calendar
Any Course Map content that is assigned by the instructor will show up under the Course Maps section for the students
Question navigation
Question flagging
Strike out option
Progress bar
Resources controlled by instructor assignment settings
Save & Continue
Timer, if it is a timed assignment
As for now, there is only 1 edition for each subject available. There are a little over 20 subjects available.
Initially a Sales Rep will provide an instructor the Connect2 registration URL
NOTE: MHE content is regional based, so certain schools will see certain content for that region.
Chats will be routed to
International Chat

The Connect2 landing page is
The ELLevate is within the Connect2 site (same URL), the branding will update once the instructor selects ELLevate content and goes into their course
Articles to review:
How to add Asset - Article#7015
Purpose of Attaching the Asset - Article#7016
Moving Cases to Tier 2 - Article#7018
We have a master article list for Connect2 located in Article#6953
There are 3 accounts created for each product. Please share them amongst your team.
As the Asset Articles mentions, you will be using the Connect2/ELLevate email templates in SFDC
Note that the Limited Access Tool login page is the same as the standard Connect2 login page. The only difference is the login you use (The Limited Access Tool login will be provided to you)
Connect2/ELLevate self-service site is not our usual mhhe.com/support
Connect2 has it's own separate Self-Service site for Self-Service and Chat
Titles cannot be search by ISBN# since there is no ISBN# associated with the textbooks. It is best practice to search by author or title.

"Post an Idea" allows customers to give feedback to the Connect2/ELLevate product team, like enhancements.
Mobile Devices
Connect2/ELLevate is compatible with mobile devices via the mobile browser. However, currently there is no apps for Connect2/ELLevate.
ELLevate has it's own separate Self-Service site for Self-Service and Chat
NOTE: ELLevate chat is only available to instructors. If a student reaches the chat, we can refer them to their instructor
The default view shows the class average (In percentage form) on each topic/sub-topic (click the + sign next to a topic name to expand the list of sub-topics), as well as the number of test questions assessed that fall under that topic/sub-topic. Notice at the top of the report that the default setting is to only show “Assessed” topics, but if you want to view All topics, you can toggle the button to “All”. Then, at the top right corner is the scoring key that explains how the graph is color coded
The next option is to click “All Students” at the top to expand the list of students enrolled in the course. You can click on a student’s name to view their specific topic performance report
Under "by student", you will be able to see an individual student's activity performance. Just select the student and click on "view activities"
You can see the student's average compared to the class average
You can also select to view each individual activity under that student
This allows you to see the class performance over view by each Activity as well as the Course Section Average
This shows you the statistics for the class for each topic within the assignments assigned
Texas Tech University
Let's Review ARTICLE #7887
Instructors will need to "quick assign" assignments in order for students to be able to see/take them
Instructors can also copy the assignment to their other courses
Allows you to view the schools the user is associted with
Allows you to log into the user's account with needing their password
Allows you to edit the user's profile
Generate a reset password link to the customer’s email
NOTE: FireFox is recommended for this tool
Tegrity – LTI Integrations with External Tools
Deep Integration
Instructor SSO and Course Pairing
Student Registration/SSO
Connect2/Moodle Integration (Pilot Release)
Navigate to ‘My Courses’ area and click on the Course that you wish to use Connect2 with to get to the home page of the course
Navigate to the menu on the left side and select a content area you wish to populate Connect2 Content with. In the screenshot example above, you would click on ‘Content’ to get to the Content page for the course.
In the Content page, navigate to ‘Partner Content’ and Click on ‘Content Market’ to bring you to a selection menu of partner content providers.
If a content provider has already been associated with the course, it will show up in the ‘Used in this Course’ area as per screenshot shown above where Connect2 has already been associated with the course. Click on the McGraw-Hill Icon to begin configuring the course content for integration with blackboard.
Alternatively it will show up as per screenshot shown below where Connect2 has not been associated with the course yet.
Click on Launch
If Connect2 has not been associated with the course, click on ‘McGraw-Hill Education’ Icon followed by clicking on ‘Connect2’ icon to begin configuring the course content for integration with blackboard.
You will be brought into Connect2’s interface for the first time here. Check the box on agreeing to MHE’s terms of services. etc. and click on ‘Create Account’.
Upon account creation, you will be brought to the screen below. Click on ‘Begin’
You can search for the courseware you wish to use. In the example screenshot above, there is search using the word ‘international’ which lists two courseware. You can click on courseware of your choice to proceed to configure the course.
This will now bring you to the next screen to select the course material that you wish to use in the course.
You can select which Units to assign in your course
Upon selecting Course Materials, you will now be brought into a page where you can configure due dates for the selected quizzes by clicking on the calendar button next to the line items. You can also confirm the selection of the smartbook as an assignment on this page by navigating ‘To assign a smartbook, first select content’ and then clicking on ‘select content’.
After a few seconds – minutes (depending on how much content we are putting into the space), you will be brought back to the blackboard interface. Go ahead to click on the ‘submit’ button.
Upon being brought back into the content page, you will see the folder structure being set up. As you click on the folders and drill through, you will see the content organized as per how it was configured on the course maps earlier on Connect2. With that, you are now ready to now run a course using Connect2.
Browse to your institution’s blackboard URL and login with your institution provided student credentials
Navigate to ‘My Courses’ area and click on the Course that your instructor is using Connect2 with to get to the home page of the course.
Look through the folders to find the content that your instructor had asked you take assignments for. In the example screenshot below, the instructor has placed your assignments in the ‘Content’ area.
To get going, simply click on any of the Connect2 assignments to launch a Connect2 assignment.
Because you are accessing Connect2 for the first time, you will receive this notification for the first time. Check the box to agree and click on ‘Launch’.
Proceed to click on ‘Create Account’.
If your institution has paid for your access to Connect2, you will not see this screen. Go to Step 7 to view your screen. However, if you have to purchase access, you will be brought to this page as shown in the example screenshot above.
Either through an institution purchase, self purchase or courtesy access, you will be brought to this page as shown in screenshot below. Proceed to click on ‘Go To Your Course’.
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