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A Different History

By Sujata Bhatt

Sravani Royyuru

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of A Different History

Theme A Different History By Sujata Bhatt Unknown words explained In this poem, Sujata Bhatt (of Indian origin but a lover of the English language) explores the effect of language on cultural identity. Sarasvati Pan Form of the poem There in contrast in the form between stanza 1 and stanza 2 Which corresponds to the contrast in the poet's tone Imagery "...turn the pages gently without disturbing Sarasvati The effect is that there is stark contrast to the sins mentioned above "...oppressor's tongue? The effect is that the 'oppressor' is portrayed as a vicious creature
tongue = language
therefore the language is the weapon of the oppressor "...cropped / with a long scythe 'cropped' makes the action seem mechanical
scythe - violent imagery
bloody, crude, murderous "...emigrated / to India. Is Pan running from the West?
Image of fleeing Content Knowledge is likened
to divinity
So it is respected and revered
Yet this can be destroyed
by a foreign culture Whose weapon is language However, that same language
may be loved by the
survivors of the dying culture
The poet tries to present language
as a weapon for the
destruction of culture
But destruction is not
always intended And the end result can be a twinned evolution Title ‘Different’ – refers to the
history of India as
opposed to the West
‘History’ – something
that is irreversible
and etched into current culture Significant Words Sin – repetition
emphasised the importance
of following the customs
Is Bhatt mocking the over-practised customs?
Is she saying that in the
‘gods roaming free’, there is
great restriction for the people?
Emigrated – the impression
that Pan is fleeing
From an endangered environment?
Scythe – has connotations
of death, horror
Mirrors the feeling of the people
whose culture was being
snatched from them
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