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Carolyn Weaver

on 12 September 2014

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Progress to Date
FY '14 in Review
Looking Forward
Where we started - 2012
Security vulnerabilities
Bubblesheet exam processing outdated
ANGEL end of life

DMU not using many basic functions
Data integrity issues, reports incorrect
Incorrect custom GPA calculation
Legacy customizations
Multiple Access databases used for prospect, applicant, and student data
Colleague - 2012
Key Accomplishment Areas
Teaching and Learning
Help Desk and Training

Shared Service
Major data integrity issues have been resolved

Financial Aid and Accounts Receivable re-implemented with automation and process improvements

New academic term structure in Colleague complies with DOE requirements
34 --> 12 terms per year

Custom transcript replaced with Colleague transcript
Colleague Student Module 2014
Multiple Areas of Risk
IT support systems ineffective
Failing projects
Offices working in silos
Colleague Admissions Module 2014
Admissions data in Colleague central database

Custom application data import process

New reporting solution (Microsoft SSRS)

Electronic review of applications in document imaging system

Colleague Communication Management sends and manages prospect and applicant communication

Teamwork improved

Teaching and Learning
Online Exams
Anatomy Lab
Turning Point
 by Katherine Frush, DPM
The Untethered Podium 
by Jason Cook, DPT, PCS
Articulate Storyline
 by Mary Johnson, Ph.D.
Turn it in
 by Simon Geletta, Ph.D.

Faculty Technology
Advisory Group
Information Security Officer named

Information security policies developed

Security gaps closed
Password policy enforced for faculty and staff
Two-factor authentication for remote clinic users
Security policies and procedures developed
PCI compliance in Summerfield's cafe
Guest wireless password changed monthly

Information Security Administrator position created

Vulnerability assessment 8/18/14
Focus on IT Security
EMC SAN (storage)
Will save university nearly $400K over 3 years
Implemented with 1 hour of downtime
86 terabytes of usable storage (up from 32)
Facilitates disaster recovery
Expanded Help Desk Hours
24/7 Help Desk
Walk-up window opens at 7 a.m.
New service management solution (Help Desk ticketing)

Help Desk Service Improvements
Average number of days to close a ticket reduced by over 8 days since August 2013
Other Service Improvements
Green student printing solution
Goal 1: Provide a robust, secure and highly-reliable information technology platform to support university operational and strategic initiatives.

Goal 2: Enhance ITS teamwork and collaboration.

Goal 3: Provide timely, courteous and quality customer service.

Goal 4: Develop and document key processes and create documentation to continuously improve service delivery.

Goal 5: Provide leadership in the application of information technologies to enhance
teaching and learning

Goal 6: Provide
administrative information system technologies
that will permit the implementation of the most cost-effective administration and clinical operation, the best services to those the university serves, and the best exploitation of the university's information resources for planning and decision making.
Focus on ITS Transformation
Contract signed in early December
3 pilot courses in January
Spring ‘14 pilot courses
9 courses, 1 per program
600 students
Fall ’14 - all programs using Desire2Learn

Completed to Date
D2L Learning Environment Installed and Configured
course content
discussion boards
dropbox for submission of assignments
curriculum mapping
and more...
Roles and permissions
Data integration  
Reporting and Analytics - initial implementation

Bubblesheet technology outdated
Testing process in 2012
Technology upgrades needed

245 out of 265 exams delivered in ANGEL in 2014
Report of Accomplishments for community:
ITS Year in Review 2014
Many gaps closed, risks greatly reduced,
service improved
Looking Back - 2012
Security vulnerabilities
ANGEL end of life
Exam processing program outdated
Colleague and data concerns

Multiple Areas of Risk
Data integrity issues, reports incorrect
System underutilized
Legacy customizations
Multiple Access databases used for prospect, applicant, and student data
Colleague Concerns
IT support systems ineffective
Technology "debt"
Failing projects
Offices working in silos
Information Security Administrator: started 8/29
Director of Enterprise Applications: starts 9/15
Currently recruiting for: Project Manager, Business Analyst, Web Programmer
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