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Your Directorial Concept

No description

Sally Owen

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Your Directorial Concept

Your Directorial Concept
Where are you setting your production and why? What is the social, cultural and historical context surrounding the writing of the play? How will you make the play relevant to a modern day audience? What is the intended effect on an audience?
What style will your production take? Why? What is the intended effect on an audience?
What do you want your audience to realise from what they first see on stage? What will you put on stage to show this? Is location communicated clearly? This will be the first opportunity for your audience to begin to understand the ‘meaning’ of your piece. Link it back to your ideas on overall style.
Who will wear what? Why?
How does this relate to your overall style and intention?
What do the colours/materials represent? Why?
This means in general and in reference to key scenes or moments. What do you want your audience to leave thinking/feeling/knowing? Is your performance going to be provocative? Emotional? Shocking? Educational?
Which practitioners have influenced your style/conventions? Be specific, explain the techniques and why. Why is one (eg. a Stanislavskian) approach more suitable than another (eg. Berkoffian) for your production?
What stage will you be using (end-on, thrust, in-the-round, traverse etc) and why. Think about what you want the relationship between your audience and the performers to be; how does staging affect this?
What props and furnishings will be on stage and why have you chosen these? What do they symbolise? Why? Link back to original style and intention.
Are there any key colours used throughout the design elements? Why? What meaning and atmosphere do these colours communicate to an audience?
Key moments. Washes, gels, strobe, gobos? Why?
How does this relate to your overall style and intention?
What? When? Why?
How does this relate to your themes and intentions?
For every character you need to have an idea of how you want to portray them.

Choose at least 5 quotations/sections from the play for each character which successfully show your chosen characterisation of them. WHY?

Always be specific about this characterisation:
Facial Expression
Body Language/Gesture/Gait etc.
Vocal Performance (PPP EVITAT)
Key Moments
Choose key moments and be clear on what you wish your audience to understand at this point and WHY!
The Crucible
In the exam there will be a specific focus of the questions.

Question 1 will ask about a specific extract from the play.

Question 2 will be about the whole play but will focus on a specific aspect of performance.

You need to consider all parts of performance so that you are prepared for all questions.
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