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The Fresh Prince of Bellaire

By: Deborah Ashley, Dominique Fagaautau, Angielene Algiam, Tamara Jonoubeh, Dennis Esmeralda

Dennis Esmeralda

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of The Fresh Prince of Bellaire

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air By: Dominique Fagaautau, Angielene Agliam, Tamara Jonoubeh, Deborah Ashley, Dennis Esmeralda What is Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Synopsis:
As streetwise West Philadelphia teenager Will Smith, whose mother sends him to the West Coast to live with rich relatives in the small California community of Bel-Air. His mother felt that things were getting too dangerous for Will in his own neighborhood. The breezy, jive-talking Will proved to be quite a contrast to his upper-class relations, but despite obvious cultural and attitudinal difference, everyone got along quite well. Among Will's fellow occupants in the Bel-Air mansion were his uncle Philip Banks, a prosperous attorney; Philip's wife Vivian, a likeable lady who could simultaneously puncture Philip's pompousness and curb Will's ghetto-bred capriciousness; the couple's prissy, preppy son Carlton, whose attempts to emulate Will's freewheeling behavior always landed him in hot water; Carlton's sisters, the spoiled and somewhat airheaded Hilary and the lovably sardonic Ashley; and the Banks' haughty butler Geoffrey, who generally got all the best "put-down" punchlines. What you will learn... To further educate students on race, class and gender issues that they are exposed to on a daily bases. To make consumers of popular culture critically analyze of what they are absorbing. As they explore the topics of racism, colorblindness, gender, sexuality and hegemony in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, they will be able to identify how these topics are in everyday popular culture. Who should view this presentation?? This presentation is for upper-level High School
and College Undergraduates. What you will learn from this presentation You will be able to identify and understand
how racism, colorblindness, gender, sexuality
and hegemony is portrayed in the popular sitcom
of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Racism:
a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
or in our groups words, Practice and beliefs that is assumed that one ethnic group is more superior than another ethnic group. Colorblindness What is Color Blindness

Difference in Upbringing

Example: Carlton Vs. Will How is Gender Portrayed? Racism?? What about sexuality?
How sexuality is portrayed in African American stereotypes.

How is Sexuality is seen by African Americans in Media.

How does the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air portray stereotypes of African American sexuality.

Hegemony? Definition of Hegemony:
The power or dominance that one group has over the other.
“It is more than social power itself; it is a method for gaining and maintaining power”, especially through the white racial frame (Lull, 62). Definition of “white racial framing”:
The establishment of other ethnic groups in terms of whiteness and situates these groups against whiteness (Feagin and Wingfield, 13).

Both ideologies are reinforced and demonstrated through popular culture, i.e. Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
Will's behavioral expectations

Helena behavioral expectations

Perpetuating gender roles of society. ...Time for questions! Does Uncle Phil and the Banks uphold the ideologies of hegemony and the white racial frame?
How is race and colorblindness presented and how do they compare?
What are the similarities and/or differences that gender and sexuality is presented in the filmic text?
Thank you!
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