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No description

Johny TheAsian

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Frankenstein

The Main Characters
Based Characters
Symbols, Tone/Mood, and Style of Writing
Major Themes and Motifs
Major Themes:

Ashlee, Holland, Johny, Marisol, Jessica.
The monster: An ugly monster created by Victor Frankenstein. A very intellectual monster who wants a monster lady.
Victor Frankenstein: The creator of The Monster. Loves philosophy and science.
Elizabeth Frankenstein: Village priest, close to the Frankenstein's family household.
Henry Clerval: A close friend of Victor. An intellectual kind soul who loves danger and enterprise.
Victor Frankenstein goes to college to study science in Geneva.
Gains an interest in the secrets of mother nature and life.
Takes months of dedication to create the monster
Frankenstein is terrified of his hideous demonic creation and abandons him.
The monster learns how to speak
The monster reconciles with Victor and wants a lady monster
Victor disdainfully agreed for him to stop his destruction
What can be learned.
There is more than just appearance.
Anyone can get lonely.
You can't create your own life form without consequences.
Be kind to others despite their appearance

Other similar stories
Spongebob's ugly story
Just in case you got bored
Keyboard Cat :]
What the characters learned
Victor learned that he shouldn't create life bc he dumb
Elizabeth learned that she shouldn't loathe herself over matters
The monster learned how to speak intelligently
Henry learned that his best fraaaand is cray cray adorbs
You make choices and have to live with the consequences.
Monsters are not born, they are made.
If you don't live up to your actions, your consequences will be your downfall.
What Does Frankenstein Say about the Human Experience
Personal Experiences.
Non-Fiction Article
Dr. Robert J White
Full-body transplant
Inspired by Vladimir Demikhov
How it may apply to 10th graders.

"We're all in this together"
The feels of abandonment
Get ur head in da game
Go wildcats (Even though we're Jaguars)
Mulan beauty
Have you ever felt ugly?
Have you felt abandoned?
Have you ever felt resentment?
Take responsibility for your actions
Competition lol

Purpose of writing
18th Century Vernacular

Writing Style
First Person
Long sentences

The Monster
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