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angel chavez

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of TIMELINE MAPS


2300 B.C

First oldest maps were created by Babylonians.


Century VI

The first map that represented world. The map had a circular form and surrounded by the ocean. Bedolina map


Iron Age

Localize crop camps, barns and roads. Ptolomeo´s world map

Claudio Ptolomeo

Century VI

The map permit localize exact position of place by longitude and latitude. Beato de Libana´s World map

Beato de Liébana


The center earth was in Jerusalem. The base of map was flat. Tabula Peutingeriana


End century XII, beginning XIII

Considerated the first map that included streets. Atlas Catalán

Cresques Abraham


It´s the first map that included at the compass rose. Enricus Martellus World Map

Enricus Martellus Germanus


In that map don´t exist ground connection for the South Asia Carta de Juan de la Cosa´s Letters

Juan de la Cosa


The map is the unambiguous representation of the Americas Universalis Cosmographia

Martin Waldseemuller


It´s the first map that represent at nine lands, that’s find by Cristobal Colon Padrón Real

Diego Ribero


First world map based on empirical observations of latitude and longitude. Teatro del Orbe de la Tierra

Abraham Ortelius


First Atlas International World Map

National entities and ONU


Born that cientific investigación Carta Batimétrica General de los Océanos (GEBCO)

Organización Hidrográfica Internacional y la Comisión Oceanográfica Intergubernamenta

Periodically renewed since 1903

Reference map of the bathymetry of the world's oceans Peters Projection

Arno Peters, buy James Gall created a similar map


Created with the intention to withdraw from the political implications of developed countries against the Third World Arno Peters, buy James Gall created a similar map OpenStreetMap (OSM)

13.000 contributors

Constants updated since 2004.

Easy use of tools developed in Web 2.0. Google Maps

Google Inc. commercials and gratuitous.

Updated periodically since 2005

Easy to find what you really are looking for.
transforms the way we view the world By:
Guadalupe Zenteno Flores
Eduardo Diaz Morales
Angel Joel Chávez Pimentel TIMELINE MAPS
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