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Financial Analyst

No description

Desmond Gonzales

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Financial Analyst

Portfolio Manager
Financial Consultant
Partner in Investment Bank
Investment Adviser
Fund Manager
Future Field Growth
Financial Analyst

Ryne Deppe
Trinity Marmy
Amanda Tappe
Desmond Turner-Gonzales
David Wallerstein

- Entry level = Bachelors
- Majors: Management, Finance, Accounting , other related fields
- Some classes to think about:Managerial Finance Investment analysis
Financial Markets

Skills Employers Want
Strong analytical skills
Solid written & verbal communication skills
Develop financial models
Prepare oral & written reports
Work in a heavily deadline oriented environment
Work individually & as a team
Identify, research, coordinate and resolve issues
Organized, detail-oriented, & ability to multi-task
Starting Salaries
The median annual wage of a financial analyst was $74,350 in May of 2010.
The top 10% of financial analysts made more than $141,700 annually.
The lower 10% earned less than $44,490 per year.
Starting analysts with a master’s degree or professional certification earn five to 10% more per year on average.

Promotional Opportunities
After graduating college with a bachelor’s degree, an array of jobs that are still considered financial analysts:
People skills
-Being able to work in a group/well with others
Management skills
-Being able to manage others/self
Marketing skills
-Knowing a company's strengths/personal strengths
Problem solving skills
-Capable of overcoming any situation/ problem presented
Technology skills
-Computer skills i.e. Word, Excel, graphs, data tables
-The more college level math courses one passes the higher their annual salery will be. Being capable of crunching numbers accurately/quickly is an in demand skill for all busines
Skills Required
Field Growth Opportunities
The economy is constantly experiencing changing conditions with new derivatives being used making there a need for highly talented financial analysts.
Competition for jobs with bachelor degrees
Banks, mutual funds and hedge funds.
Record high number of people are investing in the stock market.
Process for Advancement
Financial Industry Regulatory license (FINRA)
Chartered Financial Analyst certification (CFA)
From Junior Level
Series 7 or Series 63 Exam
Training Program - Chartered Financial Program
Contacts & Reputation
Master's Degree
3 -4 years
Entry Level Position and Process for Advancement

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Training Program
Network with Professionals and Peers
Join Global Banking and Markets Analyst & Associate Academy
Advancement Based on Candidate Interest and Business Need
Top Level Positions
As of 2010 236,000 jobs
-14% growth from 2010 to now

Job Demand
-Demanding job skills
Computer literate
Financial literacy
Analytically sound

Leading Companies Hiring
Budget analyst
Management analyst
Program analyst
Senior financial analyst job
Job Location

Starting salaries are variable
Bigger city bigger opportunities
Chicago starting salary 22% higher than average.
In Lincoln, Nebraska people tend to earn close to 22% less than the average person.
An anomaly is Stamford, Connecticut whose financial analysts can expect 50,000 to 60,000 a year and 31% more than the average.
Promotions occur every few years,
based upon 'self worth' in the work
"Employers will only promote the 'promotable'."
Premier Financial Services Company
Leader in Small Business Lending,
Agricultural and Public Finance
Nearly 500 offices in 10 Western States
Offer a Highly Successful Internship
Program in Utah
Potential For Employment With

Projected job outlook from 2010 to 2020 is 23%
-17% average for business occupations
-14% for all other occupations
In 2010, there were 236,000 people with jobs that held the title financial analyst.
By 2020 there is projected to be 290,200 jobs.
-Projected increase of 54,200 more jobs.
From Senior Level
The duty is to guide individualls and businesses on making investment decisions. Also to asses the performance of stocks,, bonds and other types of investments.
Global Investment Bankers Denver, CO
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