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Peer Mentor Training Fall 2013

No description

Ashley Hinck

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Peer Mentor Training Fall 2013

Milena Flament * If you have any questions while we are going, please jot them down on your index card! Peer Mentors & the FYS Peer Mentors BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with students enrolled in First Year Seminar; they serve as positive ROLE MODELS and RESOURCES, and generally ASSIST STUDENTS in making a SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION throughout their first year at UNT. Program Overview Program Structure Student Code of Conduct
Class Attendance
Out-of-class activity
E-mail & Blackboard General Responsibilities Purpose. History. Vision. Welcome! April 26-27 Identify the buildings your group has been given. Then, name the services in the buildings, along with their benefits to students. Enjoy dinner as you work! Take 5! Lindsey Fields, M.S., M.Ed. Working with your instructor Ethics & FERPA Group Activity Dr. Dale Tampke-- Dean of Undergraduate Studies Peer Mentors Across Campus 2013 Peer Mentor Training: Day 2 Fall 2013 UGST Peer Mentor Program Your Leadership Style & connecting with your students Program Planning 101 Doodle Blackboard Utilizing Internet Resources Qualtrics Eagle Connect Out-of-Class Activity ExtravaCANza Charity Temple Ashley Selman a former Olympic qualifier; runs one of the top personal-training facilities in the Valley: Peter Duffin http://www.topozoo.com/ http://blog.prezi.com/2011/05/11/facebooks-new-campus-is-presented-in-prezi/ http://www.alimat-inc.com/project.php?id=24 http://prezi.com/nhoodyqau2ay/e-reputation-brand-management/ Bernadette Martin Julie Vetter TED Talks http://prezi.com/qu3ogkdnh5vb/prezume-of-charity-temple/ Milena Flament http://prezi.com/ybzhchzydmq6/milenas-prezime/ Randy Howder Facebook's new headquarter was pitched using Prezi https://prezi.com/7zvirx7ckytt/a-colonial-commencement/?auth_key=9360a17bf756177ddd042f577de0baaac0f65c90 John Wilson Stuart Taylor, et. al https://prezi.com/xwja941po289/wonderland/ Introductions New Peer Mentors-- 10:00 am
Returning Peer Mentors-- 12:00 pm

Don't forget to give us your index cards before you leave! Questions, Concerns, Comments? Development of Presentation Topics Enjoy lunch with your group as you develop content, activities, and supplemental resources for a presentation on your assigned topic. Icebreaker! Icebreaker! What is next? Returner Peer Mentor Roundtable Expectations
How you can improve
Additional roles
Vision statement 45 minutes Closing Icebreaker Dr. Jennifer Hodges--
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies My Organizations: UGST 1000 First Year Seminar – Peer Mentors
Email function
Set preferred email address Check email frequently!
How to forward you email to another address https://learn.unt.edu http://eagleconnect.unt.edu/ Found on MyUNT under the "Employee" tab
Can be sent out to your students for feedback, planning activities, etc. https://my.unt.edu/ Free, online scheduling service
Used often for Peer Mentor events
Can be used for scheduling out-of-class activities http://doodle.com/ Can be used to enhance presentations
Drew Dudley: Everyday Leadership Appropriate Social Media Use Facebook How to create a Facebook group for your class
"Like" UNT related pages on Facebook for good information to share with your students https://www.facebook.com/ExploringMajors?ref=ts&fref=ts#!/ExploringMajors?fref=ts Assignment to a UGST 1000 section and instructor
Shared supervision
Training (UGST 1000/General Mentor)
General requirements
Essential Knowledge
Content Training/Delivery
Varying levels of roles Weekly Report
Time Sheets
Monthly Meetings
Issues of Concern Time Commitment Training
UGST 1000
General Peer Mentor Training
Open House
Class Attendance
Out-of-class Activity
Out-of-class Contacts
Class Prep
Monthly Meetings First Year Seminar- Structure Over 31 Sections*
Over 35 Instructors*
28 Peer Mentors*
Solo vs. Team Taught sessions
Learning Community vs. "Onesies"
Career & Major Exploration *subject to change Additional Responsibilities On an index card, write:
Your classification by YEAR (not credit hour)
And, what 5 words come to mind when you hear the word college? General Program Structure
FYS/Learning Community Structure
Instructors - University Faculty/Staff
Section assignments Your Role...
Instructor style/schedule
Your skill set
Students in your section Be proactive.
Discuss your instructors expectations.
Be flexible with your assignments.
Advocate for yourself.
Be open to constructive feedback. Icebreaker! Have any last minute questions you don't feel comfortable asking now?

Write them on an index card!
Full transcript