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UNT Health and Wellness Center

This presentation is done by Mayur Kotamraju, Hamza Aljawi, Tariq Safrah and Tanner Stobaugh. Gives you an insight of UNT's Health and Wellness Center.

Mayur Kotamraju

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of UNT Health and Wellness Center

Tanner Stobaugh
Hamza Aljawi
Mayur Kotamraju
Tariq Safrah UNT Health And Wellness Center Psychiatric Working Hours Monday to Thursday from 8:00am to 5:00pm The UNT Student Health and Wellness Center is located on the corner of Ave. D and Chestnut Street at 1800 West Chestnut, Denton, Texas 7601 Technically, it is with the counseling center not the health and wellness. Health and wellness = Psychologist = prescriptions provides up to eight sessions what ever they deem necessary Easy to make appointments Counseling center = Psychiatrist = talking The contacts information is: Website: www.myosh.unt.edu

Email: askshwc@unt.edu

Telephone: 940-565-2333 Friday from 9:15am to 5:00pm In This Presentation Introduction
The Massage Program
The Counseling Sessions
The Dietitian
The Condom Club
Conclusion Massage Program Faculty, staff, and students
Staffed by a licenced masseuse
Massages offered
How to schedule Dietitian Registered dietitian
Services provided
How to schedule
The bad news :( Condom Club Introduction The UNT health facility was established in 1958 Location You Could 1) Contract An Std
2) Get pregnant Location? How I can join? They will give you A packet containing
1) Condoms
2) A bunch of flavored Lubricants
3) A safety card showing you how to use the condom You can go once a week!! Conclusion The Massage Program
The Counseling Sessions
The Dietitian
The Condom Club Questions? Stay Healthy! Did You Know? English School! What is it? WHY
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