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Caleb R

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Technology

Positive Use--Work
Technology can be used in many different work environments.
Power tools
Computers, printers, devices
Cash registers
The use of technology in this way is impacting in a good way.
Little Brother
, cryptography is talked about. It was used for working, in a way, on the Xnet for positive use.

What is technology?
"The use of science in industry, engineering, etc. , to invent useful things or to solve problems" (Merriam-Webster, 2014)
We most commonly refer to it as computers, phones, or other devices.
People can use technology of computers and devices in many different ways.
Different Uses of Technology
Technology comes in many different forms; generally, technology can be used positively, negatively or recreationally.
Positive uses include school and work.
Negative uses include hacking, stalking and inappropriate content
Recreational uses include gaming and social use.
Negative Use--Hacking
Hacking means:
"...to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network" (The Free Dictionary, 2014)
Little Brother
, there are several times when hacking is mentioned:
" 'Last year, I' she broke off. 'Last year, I stole the standardized tests and published them on the net. It was just a lark. I happened to be walking past the principal's office and I saw them in his safe, and the door was hanging open. I ducked into his office, there were six sets of copies and I just put one into my bag and took off again. When I got home, I scanned them all and put them up on a Pirate Party server in Denmark.' "(
Little Brother
, Page 72)
Ange was hacking since she took a file and posted it online, but hacking is more about using computers to find files. Marcus is also a hacker, as he hacked his SchoolBook. Hacking is negative because you can find people's personal information without asking.
Recreational Use--Gaming
Many people use technology for gaming.
Little Brother
, there is talk about gaming as well as different forms of gaming.
"Harajuku Fun Madness is the best game ever made. I know I already said that, but it bears repeating. It's an ARG, an Alternate Reality Game...[t]hey slip the players coded messages that we have to decode and use to track down clues that lead to more coded messages and more clues." (
Little Brother
, Page 8)
Although Harajuku Fun Madness is not a game that is played on a computer, technology is neccesary to play it as all the messages and clues are online.
Positive Use--School
Technology is becoming very popular in schools lately.
Little Brother
, Marcus' school uses SchoolBooks every day at school: "I unpacked the school's standardissue machine and got back into classroom mode". (
Little Brother
, Page 8)
Using technology at school is productive, aids research and introduces new learning strategies. However, children may use technology negatively while at school. Using technology at school may distract students from working and learning. Gaming and texting in class are examples of this.
Negative Use--Stalking
Stalking means:
"To follow or observe (a person) persistently, especially out of obsession or derangement."
There are not stalkers in
Little Brother
, although they do make references to it and talk about it:
" 'Hey you' I typed to a passing pirate. 'Wind me up?' '[Wh]y should [I]?' He paused and looked at me. 'We're on the same team. Plus you get experience points' What a jerk. 'Where are you located' 'San Francisco' This was startig to feel familiar. 'Where in San Francisco' " (
Little Brother
, Page 52)
These are types of questions that stalkers may ask. Stalkers can be potentially dangerous and people should look out for them. Stalkers try to find out about you, so be careful about sharing personal information online.
Recreational Use--Social
Other people use technology for socializing. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all examples of social networks.
Little Brother
includes some examples of socializing:
"I was about ready to nod off when a new IM window popped up." (
Little Brother
, Page 61)
Marcus recreationally chatted with Ange and socialized with her.
People mainly socialize to interact with other people. People can also send each other pictures or videos. Phone calls and video calls are being used more often.
Other positive uses include:
Factory use
Other negative uses include:
Inappropriate content
Other recreational uses include:
Online shopping
Online gambling
Different arguments have different opinions on uses of technology and whether they should be considered positive, negative or recreational.
In conclusion,
Little Brother
demonstrates all aspects of technology. It shows examples of the different uses of technology.
Positive uses of technology are beneficiary and have a good outcome.
Negative uses of technology are impacting in a counter-productive way.
Recreational uses of technology can be either positive or negative:
Inappropriate content
Online shopping
Technology can be used for many different things, and they can cause many impacts on everyday life. Always ensure you are doing the responsible thing while using technology.
Technology/Internet gives us this
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