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Thomas Henderson- astronomer

No description

Lori Tran

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Henderson- astronomer

By Pajtshiab Moua and Lori Tran Thomas James Alan Henderson Thomas Henderson's birth Where did he live? Education Thomas Henderson lived in Scotland during his whole childhood, but he eventually made his
way to Africa, which is where he made all of his great discoveries. Thomas Henderson went to the
High School of Dundee.
Afterward, he trained as a lawyer and
a cartoonist. Sources Have you ever looked up at the sky and stared at the stars,
wondering how far
they really are? There are so many stars and they are so far away. A man named Thomas James Alan Henderson, an astronomer, actually figured out how far a star was. In fact, he was the first person to measure the distance to a star. Thomas Henderson
was born on December
28, 1798 in Dundee, Scotland. http://www.evi.com/q/facts_about__thomas_james_henderson
http://www.oneminuteastronomer.com/1130/how-far-star/ Thomas Henderson's Death Thomas Henderson died
on November 23, 1844. Although he trained in many different jobs, Thomas Henderson's major hobbies focused in astronomy and mathematics. Thomas James Alan Henderson studied
astronomy, which is the branch of physics
that focuses on objects in the sky,
object in space, and the universe as a whole. Astronomer Thomas Henderson was the first person to measure the distance to a star.
He did that by using the parallax effect. Understanding the Parallax Effect 1.) Hold one of your arms out.

2.) Point your index finger out and look at it.

3.) Wink one eye, then the other over and over again. Did you see how
your finger appears
to be moving?
This is called the Parallax
Scientists use this effect to measure the distance to nearby stars. Thomas Henderson's great discovery on the distance to a star is now used to help important people such as NASA.
Even students use this information in class.
Thomas Henderson's discovery has given everyone in the world more knowledge on stars, which has helped us all.
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