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Body System


Matias Andrade

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Body System

Body System Project Structu Oksfjhakdf Systemnslj o dsfwe4rt Function Skeleton Function The primordial functions that the skeleton do,
are sustaining the body,storing minerals and
nutrients, protecting important body organs,
and aiding movement. Muscle Function The primordial functions that the muscle system does, is primordialy making movement, and sometimes protecting organs or making up what the organ is, such as in the heart. We got three types of muscles in our body that are: cardial, smooth and skeletal. Skeletal is the voluntary muscle of the body. They make up what we call the muscular system. They are the muscles that moves your bones and the external movement, in other words, the movements that you can control. Cardiac muscles can be found in the heart. They also control the lower part of the brain called the Medula Oblungata. The smooth muscles makles up your internal organs such as your stomach- hyperlink, intestine-hyperlink, and the others except your heart. Structure Structure Muscle System In this presentation, you
will find memorable information
about the muscle system, and the
skeletal system. You will also
find information on osteoporosis,
and The skeleton holds the body
up because it is strong, and
the center of the body. It
stores the minerals, such as
calcium and fat in the center
of the bone. It protects the
body principal organs such
as in the brain or the rib cage.
And it aids movement, since
the muscles would need to be
much stronger to be able to
sustain your body alone. The muscular sistem has many components that must be included to resume its structure, but here we mention a few. The muscular system has over 600 different muscles in a different shapes and forms. Muscles are recognized by location, function, structure, and the way they contract. A group of large strong muscles such as those forming your quadriceps would have a large number of fibers within each bundle. Each fibre is covered in a fibrous connective tissue, known as the Endomysium, which insulates each muscle fibre. Skeletal System The skeletal system consists of about three hundred diferent bones, each made in a specialiced manner to cover the requirements that are imposed by the location and proximity to important muscles and/or organs that should be protected, such as the brain or in the
case of the rib cage. Health Topic Osteoporosis This disease causes the bones
to get weaker, and more
vulnerable to hits and
fractures. The only way
to prevent this desease is by
taking enough calcium and
vitamin K, to make your bones
stronger. Question Number Number of Correct/Incorrect
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