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European Feudalism-Images

This Prezi is meant to supplement an in class/student lead lesson

Mr. Qarmout

on 21 July 2012

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Transcript of European Feudalism-Images

Feudalism the system that governs Lords and Vassels. How? Land was used as currency. The King owned all of the land. He would give parts of his kingdom away. The nobles that accepted the land swore allegiance to the King. The land used as currency is called a Fief (feef). Why The king claimed the
"Divine Right of Kings"
This meant that kings derived their authority from God. Religion was being used to justify political authority. Kings were at the top Nobles were often related to the King Knights were the warriors Serfs were the peasants who worked the land The Who's Who of Feudal Europe When a Noble gave land to a Knight, the Noble was called Lord.
The Knight was called a Vassel. Why do you think these titles were used? Life at the Manor economic, political, and social life was subject to the feudal system. Think of the Feudal system as a federal government, and Manorialism as a state government.
What was manor life like for a ? Extra Credit

Has anyone been to a Manor?

Do you know of any Manors in New Jersey? Divine Right
Mandate from the People Who should rule? Feudalism Comes to Town Who benefits and how? Lord
Peasant Image A Image B Image C Image D What do you see? Do these images tell you something about Manor life? Does Feudalism exist today in the U.S?
Has Feudalism ever existed in the U.S.?

Explain your answer
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