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Persuasive about dogs!

Steffi Arkilander

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of Dogs

Dogs Why are Dogs so Awesome? Why are Dogs so Great? Dogs are gentle with humans. They treat kids like their siblings. Dogs can entertain you and give you a good laugh! Can you Train Dogs? Some dogs are trained for "Help and Rescue." They help find lost people. You can train a dog also to do tricks such as lie down and sit. Dogs can also be guide dogs for the blind. They help lead the way to the blind. What else can Dogs do? Dogs can give people excersize, like going on a daily walk, or play fetch or something. Dogs are obiedient to their masters, so they will listen to you. Dogs love socializing, but at the same time, they can stay at home without causing trouble. Now do you think Dogs are great? I sure hope you do! YOu still not convinced? Then... Maybe this will! Did you know that dogs are man's best friend? Time for a... QUIZ! What were two great ways to get excersize that I mentioned? Hint: I said it as a response as "What else can dogs do?" What was one of the things I said you could train dogs?
3. Are dogs able to stay alone at home for a while? 4. What do dogs find kids like to them? Great job on that quiz! Now to finish up my presentation... Awnsers: 1. Fetch and a walk.
2. To be a guide dog, search and rescue people, and tricks.
3. Yes.
4. Siblings, brothers and sisters.
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