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Katy Perry

No description

Daniela Alejandra Rubio Cervera

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Katy Perry

Part of Me
New Playlist
1. Roar
2. Legendary Lovers
3. Birthday
4. Walking On Air
5. Unconditionally
6. Dark Horse
7. This Is How We Do
8. International Smile
9. Ghost
10. Love Me
11. This Moment
12. Double Rainbow
13.‘By the Grace of God
Playlist of other artist related with Katy
1.- Lady Gaga: "Applause"
2.- One Direction: "Story of My Life"
3.- Miley Cyrus: "Wrecking Ball"
4.- Avicci: "Wake Me Up"
5.- Little Mix: "Move"
This is the part of me
That you never gonna ever take away from me
This is the part of me
That you never gonna ever take away from me
All the sticks and the storms
Do you found bones?
But you not gonna break my soul
This is the part of me
That you never gonna ever take away from me
Katy Perry
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson born in October 25, 1984 (age 29). She was born and raised Santa Barbara, California, U.S. She is a recording artist, an actress, business woman and a philanthropist. Katy get married with Russell Brand, but then he never spoke to her again after sending a text message
that he was divorcing her in 2012. Now she is happy with John Mayer, they are couples since August 2012.
Her genres are pop, rock, dance and electronic. Katy can sing play the guitar and the piano. Years active 1999–to present, she's an international artist.
Katy has a movie that it´s call "Part Of Me".
Her Discography is:
Katy Hudson (2001)
One of the Boys (2008)
Teenage Dream (2010)
Prism (2013)
Her Biography
American Music Awards: 2
Brit Awards: 1
Echo Awards: 1
MTV Europe Music Award: 4
MTV Video Music Awards: 4
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards: 3
NRJ Music Awards: 3
People's Choice Awards: 14
Teen Choice Awards: 5
Awards Wins
Part of Me
Katy Perry does not want to return with his boyfriend because he betrayed. But she still has her dignity, he may keep everything except her, because their dignity is part of her.
What it means for us
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